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Thursday, December 08, 2022
September 01, 2022 19:09

ITS Sapuangin Maintains International Achievements in Data and Telemetry

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Tim Sapuangin ITS yang mengikuti kompetisi Shell Eco-Marathon 2022 Virtual Off-Track Awards 2022: Data and Telemetry

The ITS Sapuangin team participating in the Shell Eco-Marathon 2022 Virtual Off-Track Awards 2022: Data and Telemetry competition

ITS Campus, ITS News – The Sapuangin Team of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) again made its name in the international arena. One of ITS’s proud energy-efficient car teams won the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Virtual Program 2022 in the Virtual Off-Track Awards: Data and Telemetry Award sub-race in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region, which was announced online, Wednesday (31/8). Night.

ITS Sapuangin General Manager William Mikhael Parlindungan explained this type of sub-race challenges participants to make innovations using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to improve driver consistency when turning the car and pressing the gas pedal. This is done to get optimal results on fuel use through an idea called Race Start Mode.

Tim Sapuangin ITS ketika melakukan simulasi secara daring untuk sistem Start Race Mode yang terdiri dari Automatic Pedal dan Automatic Gear Shift

The ITS Sapuangin team, when conducting an online simulation for the Start Race Mode system consisting of Automatic Pedal and Automatic Gear Shift

I worked on it for a month. This big idea consists of two ideas based on entering car performance data: Automatic Gear Shift and Automatic Pedal. In Automatic Gear Shift, this system aims to maintain optimal engine speed to save fuel use. “This system will automatically shift gears when the engine speed exceeds the specified speed limit for each gear,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Automatic Pedal was triggered due to excessive fuel expenditure due to driver inconsistency when starting and driving. Through this system, restrictions on the gas pedal will be given to prevent the use of excess fuel due to pressing the gas pedal too much. “The gas pedal will be automatically held if it exceeds the needs of the car engine while operating,” he explained.

Not only ideas, William continued, calculations through the Matlab software were also included in the innovations made by the team guided by Ir Witantyo MEng Sc. This simulation aims to create results that allow this innovation to be realized later. “To get the most realistic results possible, simulations are carried out to show that our ideas are very likely to be applied,” he added.

Tim Sapuangin ITS berhasil menjadi juara Shell Eco-Marathon Virtual Off-Track Awards 2022, Data and Telemetry Award pada regional Asia Pasifik dan Timur Tengah

The ITS Sapuangin team has won the Shell Eco-Marathon Virtual Off-Track Awards 2022: Data and Telemetry Award in the Asia Pacific and Middle East.

This Mechanical Engineering Department student revealed that the ITS Sapuangin team also experienced obstacles when adjusting regulations. Even though they have experience from last year’s competition, they must understand the competition rules in question even though the laws are different. “Because the regulations are different from last year, therefore extra attention must be paid to the details of the regulations,” he said.

William hopes that the innovations brought by his team will not only improve the consistency of the drivers of the ITS Sapuangin team but also for the entire car. “Hopefully, the innovation results from the Data and Telemetry contest can be useful and applied by the commercial car industry,” the 2018 student concluded. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Ricardo Hokky Wibisono

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