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Saturday, October 01, 2022
September 01, 2022 09:09

Bringing Innovation for Indonesia, ITS 62nd Anniversary Officially Begins

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Pemukulan gong oleh Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng sebagai pertanda dimulainya Dies Natalis ke-62 ITS

The beating of the gong by ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng is a sign of the start of the 62nd Anniversary of ITS

ITS Campus, ITS News – After two years of being held online, this time, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) again had the opening ceremony of the 62nd Anniversary offline. Located at the ITS Alumni Park, the opening ceremony began with a trace of the seven faculties at ITS by the ITS leadership Tuesday (30/8) morning.

Before heading to the event center location, ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng, along with other ITS leadership ranks, visited several departments that were representatives of each faculty. There, students from each faculty demonstrated their creativity with the theme of the Archipelago. In addition, this traceability also serves to introduce improvements that ITS has made to all its leaders.

Mahasiswa-mahasiswa ITS ramaikan gelaran Dies Natalis ke-62 ITS dengan tarian daerah

ITS students enlivened the 62nd ITS Anniversary with regional dances

The presentation of the stage setting and neat decorations invited the audience to start exploring the series of events with remarks from the Chairperson of the ITS 62nd Anniversary Committee, Dr. Wawan Aries Widodo ST MT. The opening events also presented various Indonesian dances by ITS students. “These dances show the diversity and unity at ITS,” said Wawan.

Atraksi Reog Ponorogo turut ramaikan gelaran Opening Ceremony Dies Natalis ke-62 ITS

The Reog Ponorogo attraction also enlivened the ITS 62nd Anniversary Opening Ceremony.

The Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Technology and Systems Engineering (FTIRS) revealed that the theme of Innovation for Indonesia is a milestone in the celebration of ITS Anniversary, which means that ITS is trying to spread benefits for Indonesia through innovations from the academic community. “During its 62 years of existence, ITS has never stopped contributing to the innovations of the work of the academic community to help the progress of Indonesia,” he said.

In line with this value, the ITS Chancellor, who is often called Ashari, also said that since becoming a Legal Entity State University (PTN-BH), ITS has independently improved the quality of education and its facilities. “Hopefully, these improvements can provide the best comfort and facilities for ITS academics to continue to innovate,” he said.

Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng memberikan sambutannya dalam gelaran Opening Ceremony Dies Natalis ke-62 ITS

ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng gave his remarks at the Opening Ceremony of ITS 62nd Anniversary

As is known, over the past year, it is noted that ITS has carried out several infrastructure developments such as the construction of Tower 2, ITS Retail, Creative Co-Working Space, ITS Gate, and Young Lecturer Flats. “Not only that, in the future, we will also improve the quality and facilities of existing laboratories at ITS, making it easier for students in their research projects,” Ashari added.

Various interesting activities will follow the series of activities for the 62nd Anniversary. Among other things, ITS Sportainment is in the form of a 62-kilometer running competition and virtual 620-kilometer cycling. ITS Entertainment also enlivened this year’s Dies Natalis event in shadow puppets, wayang orang, and parikan competitions. “This is intended to preserve the distinctive culture of East Java Province,” said the Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Rektor ITS Prof Dr Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng bersama jajaran pimpinan ITS saat melakukan napak tilas ke Fakultas Teknologi Kelautan (FTK) ITS

ITS Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Mochamad Ashari MEng IPU AEng with the ranks of ITS leadership during a retrace to the ITS Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK)

Not only that, in line with the theme carried out this year, namely Innovation for Indonesia, each department at ITS will also enliven the Dies Natalis event by publishing superior innovations that are also useful for Indonesia through ITS TV YouTube channel. “There is also an Alumni Inspiring activity which will present inspiring alumni stories to the small screen as a form of celebration and motivation for ITS students,” said Ashari.

Finally, for the peak event on November 10, through the ITS Awards, ITS will give awards to national figures, lecturers, students, and the general public who have contributed to the development of ITS into a world-class campus. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Tyara Novia Andhin

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