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Monday, November 28, 2022
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ITS Invites PMM Students to Acknowledge Majapahit Culture Through the Nusantara Module

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Direktur Pendidikan ITS Dr Eng Siti Machmudah ST MEng saat memberikan sambutan di depan para mahasiswa PMM di Ruang Seminar lantai 2 Perpustakaan ITS

ITS Director of Education Dr. Eng Siti Macheasy ST MEng, when giving a speech in front of PMM students in the Seminar Room on the 2nd floor of the ITS Library

ITS Campus, ITS News – Supporting the Independent Learning Campus Independent Program (MBKM) from the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek), Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) designed the Nusantara Module for Independent Student Exchange (PMM) students to get to know more about Majapahit culture. The opening of this program was held at the ITS Library last Monday (29/8).

ITS Director of Education, Dr. Eng Siti Macheasy ST MEng, said that this year ITS accepted 108 PMM students from 37 universities in Indonesia. This program is oriented to produce quality graduates, collaborate with other university partners, produce learning innovations, and increase understanding of the appreciation of diversity in Indonesia through the Nusantara Module.

Para mahasiswa PMM di ITS saat menghadiri pembukaan Program Pertukaran Mahasiswa Merdeka

PMM students at ITS while attending the opening of the Independent Student Exchange Program

Macheasy, his nickname, revealed that the PMM students would follow the contents of the Nusantara module. This module will explore the Majapahit civilization by understanding and actualizing the culture of the Majapahit civilization as part of the national identity and hopes to be able to reconstruct the traces of the Majapahit civilization. “With that, students are expected to be motivated to explore science and civilization in their respective regions,” he said.

According to this Chemical Engineering Department lecturer, the Nusantara Module was designed by five ITS lecturers and five students. So for the next semester, PMM students will participate in a series of cultural introduction activities from the module and carry out lectures as usual. Technically, the PMM students will hold a meeting every Monday and every Saturday and Sunday will be divided into five groups to carry out activities.

There are four main types of activities. Namely, diversity. This activity is carried out 14 times during one program semester. The activities carried out were visiting and identifying problems at the Trowulan Museum, artifact buildings, medicinal forests, Mount Kelud, and the Marine Laboratory (maritime). “This activity is divided into building exploration, maritime, spices, and disasters,” he said.

Then inspiration activities aim to stimulate inspiration for students through conversations and discussions with local inspirational figures. Macheasy explained that the students would explore the history of Majapahit more deeply by meeting with experts. Like an epigrapher to learn the language and letters used at that time and study at the Trowulan Museum.

The third activity is reflection. This activity is carried out seven times in one semester of the program. PMM students will present the results of their visits and activities through posters, video vlogs, and reports. Lastly, namely social contribution activities, PMM students will display their work at the archipelago festival and in a series of activities for the 62nd ITS Anniversary.

Direktur Pendidikan ITS Dr Eng Siti Machmudah ST MEng bersama jajaran pimpinan ITS dengan para mahasiswa PMM di Gedung Rektorat ITS

ITS Director of Education Dr. Eng Siti Macheasy ST MEng with ITS leadership ranks with PMM students at the ITS Rectorate Building

He said that there are many things that Indonesians should know about Majapahit because the values applied in Indonesia today are values that previously existed in the Majapahit era. Like the red and white flag from the book Negara Kertagama and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika from the book Sutasoma. He hopes that PMM students can go through lectures at ITS smoothly and increase their sense of nationalism. “Hopefully, this program is useful for them,” he concluded. (AJ/ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Gandhi Kesuma

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