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Thursday, October 06, 2022
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Strengthening Nationalism, BNPT Provides ITS Maba with National Insight

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Irjen Pol (Purn) Ir Hamli ME saat memaparkan materinya mengenai wawasan kebangsaan kepada para mahasiswa baru di Graha Sepuluh Nopember ITS

Inspector General of Police (Ret.) Ir Hamli ME, when presenting his material on national insight to new students at Graha Ten November ITS

ITS Campus, ITS News – To further foster a sense of nationalism for new students (maba) in the Heroes Campus, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) invited the former Director of Prevention, Deputy for Prevention, Protection, and Deradicalization of the National Terrorist Countermeasures Agency (BNPT) RI Inspector General Pol (Ret.) Ir Hamli ME. He was here to equip ITS first-year students about national insight on the third day of Spiritual and Nationality Training (PSB), Wednesday (3/8), at Graha Ten November ITS.

Hamli, who currently serves as Deputy Chairman of the Agency for Countering Extremism and Terrorism (BPET) of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), revealed that terrorism has existed in Indonesia since the Old Order to the New Order. During the Old Order, the Indonesian Islamic State (NII) group later transformed into a jihadist group during the New Order.

Meanwhile, the arrest of terrorists during the New Order era differed from the current period, which requires law enforcement, where it was necessary to implement intelligence operations in the past. Hamli quoted the results of research from the 2019 Indonesia Millenial Report. 19.5 percent of millennials stated that Indonesia was more ideal to be a caliphate country.

Para mahasiswa baru ITS sedang menyimak pemaparan Irjen Pol (Purn) Ir Hamli ME menceritakan pengalamannya saat sedang bertugas

ITS new students are listening to the explanation of Inspector General Pol (Ret.) Ir Hamli ME telling his experience while on duty

This is indeed disturbing and has the potential to lead to radicalism. So to strengthen nationalism, it is necessary to take steps to understand the introduction of this potential. “Because terrorist groups usually think nationalism is haram and contrary to religion,” he added.

Hamli said this potential could be seen from the spread of radicalism narratives surrounding the community. If not addressed immediately, the description can lead to acts of terrorism. It can be in the form of records about intolerance related to religious sentiments, narratives of people being mistreated, narratives of threats, and so on.

Hamli continued that a person exposed to radicalism can be seen from the three domains of changing their behavior. Namely by paying attention to their social relations, ideology, and actions. The changes can be divided into three degrees of hazard intensity to indicate a person’s exposure.

The first is the alert stage, as the level of danger is low. At this level, the behavior has started to show signs of extremism, but it is still in its early stages and on a small scale, so it is not too dangerous. Early treatment must be done so that it does not develop and become more complex.

Then, alert as medium danger degree. At this level, the behavior of a person or group has begun to show activeness in voicing and disseminating the understanding and activities of violent extremism. Handling at this level is essential so that it does not develop and escalate to become even more dangerous.

Lastly, watch out as the degree of danger is high. At a high level of risk, a person’s behavior has shown signs of using violence. At this level, in-depth treatment needs to be done. “In the case of ideology, people with this degree will openly demand to replace the democratic system,” said the ITS Chemical Engineering alumnus.

Hamli explained to fight terrorism required character qualities, basic literacy, and competence. The quality of character is by studying religious values ​​and nationalism through good spiritual learning, but not leaving the insight of nationalism and nationalism. Thus, they can become moderate figures who have a nationalist sense by encouraging the values ​​of cooperation, independence, and integrity.

Meanwhile, basic literacy, such as in the field of religion, can be done by knowing the large groups of existing sects. Hamli advised that someone should follow what is good and safe and not follow the flow of new groups. Then the last part is a critical thinking competence that will make people not easily accept everything for granted. “This is important so that terrorist groups cannot contaminate us,” he reminded him.

Irjen Pol (Purn) Ir Hamli ME (kiri) menerima cinderamata dari Ketua Pelaksana PSB 2022 Ir Arief Abdurrakhman ST MT usai pemaparan materi

Inspector General of Police (Ret.) Ir Hamli ME (left) receives a souvenir from the Chief Executive of PSB 2022 Ir Arief Abdurrakhman ST MT after the presentation of the material

This explanation from Hamli attracted the enthusiasm of 1,300 new ITS students who were present on the third day of this Spiritual and National Training (PSB). Hamli appreciated ITS’s initiative in holding this PSB for new students. This can prevent dangerous contestations from entering the campus environment. “Hopefully, we are always healthy and in the pleasure of Allah SWT,” he concluded. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Gandhi Kesuma

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