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Friday, October 07, 2022
August 11, 2022 11:08

Showing Innovative Works, ITS Inflames the Spirit of New Students Through Gerigi

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Direktur Kemahasiswaan ITS Dr Imam Abadi ST MT yang sedang memukul gong sebagai simbolis membuka acara Gerigi ITS 2022

ITS Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Imam Abadi ST MT who, was hitting the gong as a symbol of opening the ITS Gerigi 2022 event

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) once again invigorated the enthusiasm of new students in 2022 through Generasi Integralistik (Gerigi) event. The annual event as a tradition of welcoming new students is again held offline after two years due to the pandemic and officially opened at the ITS Alumni Park on Thursday (11/8).

Present to inaugurate ITS Gerigi title, Director of Student Affairs ITS Dr. Imam Abadi ST MT. In his remarks, Imam said that ITS Gerigi aims to arouse the enthusiasm of new students to learn while at the same time introducing campus life at ITS. “Gerigi also aims to foster brotherhood among ITS students,” he said enthusiastically.

Also present was the President of the ITS Student Executive Board (BEM), Agil Wahyu Ramadhan, who revealed that students are highly enthusiastic about learning. Therefore, a student does not only seek knowledge through lectures but also from the surrounding environment. “As educated people, students are also able to hone their various skills,” he said

Salah satu tim mahasiswa baru yang sedang menyuarakan jargonnya pada pembukaan Gerigi ITS 2022

One of the new student teams who are voicing their jargon at the opening of the ITS Gerigi 2022

In this activity which nearly 6,000 new students attended, the Chief Executive of the 2022 Gerigi, Dyah Ayu Puspita Ningrum, revealed that the theme of the Revolutionary Movement that carrying out had the meaning that the 2022 ITS Gears was a passion for adapting and evolving from students to students. “This theme symbolizes the enthusiasm of the freshmen to give and make ITS proud,” he explained.

Not only speeches and speeches but ITS Gears 2022 also enlive by convoys of innovative vehicles that ITS successfully developed, such as the autonomous iCar car, the Sapuangin energy-efficient car, the Gesits electric motorcycle, to the e-trail electric-powered trail bike. This convoy of innovation vehicles took the deans, Director of Student Affairs, and Director of ITS Education, Dr. Siti Machcepat ST MEng, from the ITS Student Community Center (SCC), Building to the ITS Alumni Park.

Iring-iringan mobil autonomous iCar yang membawa rombongan para dekan, Direktur Kemahasiswaan ITS Dr Imam Abadi ST MT, dan Direktur Pendidikan ITS Dr Siti Machmudah ST MEng

A convoy of autonomous iCar cars carrying a group of deans, ITS Director of Student Affairs Dr. Imam Abadi ST MT, and ITS Director of Education Dr. Siti Machcepat ST Meng

After that, the ITS research team parade was also present to enliven the 2022 Gerigi event. The Anargya electric formula car research team started the train. Allowed by the energy-efficient electric car Nogogeni, Bramunastya, humanoid robot Ichiro, Iris wheeled robot, V-rose dance robot, Spektronics chemical reaction car, and Rival thematic robot. Furthermore, the parade continued by the Bayucaraka flying robot research team, Marine Solar Boat, Barunastra robot ship, Nawasena, Banyubramanta underwater robot to the Hydrone fast boat research team.

Before closing the opening ceremony of Gerigi, Presidium of all departments at ITS was present as a symbol of an integralist moment. This reflects that all new students from various departments at ITS have merged into one through the oration of the ITS BEM President. “Although we have different departments, we are still one ITS alma mater,” said Agil encouragingly.

Presidium ketua himpunan mahasiswa ITS yang mengenakan jaket himpunan dengan berbagai warna yang melambangkan budaya di lingkup kampus ITS

The Presidium of the head of the ITS student association who wears a set jacket with various colors that symbolizes the culture within the ITS campus

The 2022 Gerigi event is scheduled to close on Saturday (13/8). In this closing, the new students will make mosaics. In this session, participants will create a paper mob. Making a paper mob takes as many as 5,500 participants who will make 30 patterns using four colors of Arturo paper. The Mosaic Session aims to hit a record MURI, 3D Mosaic with Unique Storyline Concept. (ITS Public Relation)

Reporter: Regy Zaid Zakaria

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