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Wednesday, October 05, 2022
August 08, 2022 19:08

15 Years Old, Hasna Becomes the Youngest Student of ITS 2022

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Hasna Nur Shadrina, mahasiswa baru termuda ITS 2022 yang berumur 15 tahun 5 bulan dari Departemen Teknik Lingkungan ITS

Hasna Nur Shadrina, the youngest new student of ITS 2022 who is 15 years five months from the ITS Environmental Engineering Department

Campus ITS, ITS News – At the inauguration of the new students of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Hasna Nur Shadrina was named the youngest student for the 2022/2023 academic year. This girl from Tangerang managed to qualify as an ITS Environmental Engineering Department student at 15 years and five months.

Hasna admitted that he did not expect to be accepted at the ITS campus through the Independent selection, especially when he was named the youngest student of ITS in his current generation because he felt that there would be someone younger than him. “ITS is one of the leading campuses in Indonesia, so many young Indonesian friends must target it,” he said with a smile.

He revealed that thanks to the acceleration program he participated in during his school days, he was able to become the youngest student today. The acceleration program was carried out when he was in elementary and junior high school. “In the past, when I was three years old, I was already in Kindergarten, and I was not yet six years old,” said the girl born on March 28, 2007.

Hasna Nur Shadrina (berdiri) ketika disebutkan sebagai mahasiswa termuda 2022 dalam kegiatan pengukuhan mahasiswa baru di Lapangan Gedung Perpustakaan ITS

Hasna Nur Shadrina (standing) when mentioned as the youngest student in 2022 in the new student inauguration activity at the ITS Library Building Field.

The son of the couple Yustisia Katrini and Teddy Tresna Indrapraja said that after failing in the Joint Selection to Enter State Universities (SBMPTN), he still tried several other entrance selection routes. One of them is the Independent ITS selection. “I am interested in waste and waste management, and therefore I chose ITS Environmental Engineering,” explained Hasna.

When he attended SMA Harapan Bangsa Tangerang, he shared that his routine was the same as other students. Participate in learning, be active in organizations, and have a hobby of reading and painting. Despite the pandemic, he takes all these activities seriously.

The youngest of the two brothers said he would not waste the opportunity he had achieved as an ITS student. This is a place for self-development that must be maximized. Moreover, Hasna is also a student who migrated to Surabaya. “There are no specific plans for the future, but I want to graduate on time with satisfactory grades and continue my master’s degree abroad,” he said confidently. (ITS Public Relation)

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