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Friday, August 12, 2022
August 03, 2022 19:08

ITS KKN Abmas Develops Entrepreneur Sociopreneur Module in Malang

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Pembukaan KKN Leadership dan Bisnis Mentoring yang dihadiri oleh Dr Ir Arman Hakim Nasution MEng (dua dari kiri) dan para pengusaha dari Malang

Opening of KKN Leadership and Business Mentoring for sociopreneur attended by Dr. Ir Arman Hakim Nasution MEng (second from left) and business people from Malang

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) continues to intensify Community Service Real Work Lectures (KKN Abmas) as a forum to prepare students to enter the world of work. This time, ITS collaborated with entrepreneurs from Malang to create an entrepreneurship guide module for students.

Head of ITS Center for Business and Industrial Public Policy Studies, Dr. Ir Arman Hakim Nasution MEng, said that the Abmas KKN aims to develop entrepreneurial and sociopreneur skills of students through mentoring entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs who are partners in this KKN include worm cultivation entrepreneurs, organic rice entrepreneurs, convection and apparel entrepreneurs, and livestock entrepreneurs.

Discussions were held with entrepreneurs in Malang, initiated by worm cultivation entrepreneur Abdul Aziz Adam Maulida ST. The man familiarly called Adam explained that worms are animals with high levels of amino acids. Namely, a natural supplement helps help the growth of animals and plants. “Currently, worms are not only used as bird feed and bait for fishing,” he explained.

Diskusi bersama oleh Faris Anggara Putra (berbaju hitam) sebagai pengusaha konveksi dan apparel dengan para mahasiswa peserta KKN Abmas ITS di Malang

Joint discussion by Faris Anggara Putra (dressed in black) as a convection and apparel entrepreneur with students participating in ITS KKN Abmas in Malang

Various products can be produced through worms, such as liquid fertilizer and supplements for livestock. Amino acids in worms are also beneficial for plant growth. One example, these amino acids can be used in sweet potato plants. Amino acids found in worms can work on fattening the plant and helping prevent it from pests.

Furthermore, the discussion was continued by Faris Anggara Putra, one of Malang’s owners of convection and apparel. Faris said that his first business was the convection business. This convection is engaged in production, which will be sold directly through its apparel business. “We ventured to make apparel by the same convection production,” he said.

Even though he has been in the production department for a long time, the obstacle he faces in his business is not optimal marketing. Faris explained that through this KKN, it is hoped that it can help the marketing of its convection and apparel. Later, the role of students can help in the marketing field by collaborating the knowledge gained through lectures within the area.

Para mahasiswa yang terlibat dalam KKN Abmas terdiri dari Departemen Manajemen Bisnis, Departemen Biologi, serta Departemen Teknik Sistem dan Industri ITS

The Abmas KKN students are from the Department of Business Management, the Department of Biology, and the ITS Industrial and Systems Engineering Department.

The ITS Leadership KKN and Business Mentoring activities, which were officially opened last Thursday (28/7), involved eight students. Namely Syabella Rachmadiaocta Tataksmara, Fauziah Izzatun Nisa, Astra Savero Qomara, Agiga Zulfa Nadira, Hifzhanisya Dhia Hadyan, Hapsari Kinanthi Waluyo, Synthia Marshita, Rr Aulia Yasmine Puspa Hapsari. The plan, this KKN, will be carried out until next November.

Finally, Arman hopes that this KKN can be a means for students to develop relationships in working together to create business groups. In addition, entrepreneurs will be helped in the marketing field of their respective products. “Hopefully, this KKN can prepare students to enter the world of work,” he concluded.

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Reporter : Regy Zaid Zakaria

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