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ITS Robot Team Wins International RoboCup 2022

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Tim Ichiro ITS saat di ajang RoboCup 2022 di Bangkok, Thailand

ITS Ichiro Team at the 2022 RoboCup event in Bangkok, Thailand

ITS Campus, ITS News – Happy news came from the robotics of (ITS), which did not stop winning. Two ITS Robotics teams, ITS Champion in Robocup (Ichiro) and ITS Robotics with Intelligent System (IRIS), managed to secure third place in international matches RoboCup 2022 Humanoid Soccer Kid Size and Middle Size League categories which were held offline at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC), Thailand, Saturday (16/7).

The supervisor of the ITS Robotics Team, Muhtadin ST MT, said that the two teams created humanoid robots in an autonomous robot soccer match and were required to score as many scores as possible against the opponent’s goal to be able to come out as champions. A humanoid robot is a technology implementation in robotics that can imitate various activities and move body parts like humans.

Muhtadin explained that 16 teams from 12 countries were competing in the Humanoid Soccer League Kid Size category. Representing ITS, the Ichiro team presented four humanoid robots of two different sizes. The humanoid robot has a total of 20 joints and implements human sensors in the form of five senses. “We also apply artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms using deep learning,” said the Department of Computer Engineering lecturer.

Robot humanoid milik tim Ichiro ITS saat bertanding di RoboCup 2022 di Bangkok, Thailand

Humanoid robot belonging to the Ichiro ITS team when competing at RoboCup 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

The 41-year-old man then continued regarding the Middle Size League category, which was participated by the ITS IRIS team. On this occasion, the IRIS team proposed a wheeled robot for a soccer match and used a regular size soccer ball based on the provisions of the International Football Federation (FIFA). The IRIS team is free to design the hardware themselves, but all sensors must be installed to a specified maximum size and weight.

Tim IRIS ITS yang menjuarai Small Size League dalam RoboCup 2022 di Bangkok, Thailand

The ITS IRIS team that won the Middle Size League in the 2022 RoboCup in Bangkok, Thailand

According to Muhtadin, using deep learning algorithms for RoboCup 2022 is challenging for both teams because the process requires large and time-consuming computations. Fortunately, collecting field data in Bangkok was carried out smoothly. “We are grateful that ITS has an NVIDIA DGX2-based supercomputer that we can access from Thailand so that the deep learning process can be done quickly on the ITS server,” said Muhtadin.

Robot beroda milik tim IRIS ITS saat berjuang dalam kategori Middle Size League pada ajang RoboCup 2022 di Bangkok, Thailand

The wheeled robot belonging to the IRIS ITS team while fighting in the Middle Size League category at the 2022 RoboCup event in Bangkok, Thailand

In preparation for RoboCup 2022, robots made by the Ichiro and IRIS teams have been designed since last September 2021. Both teams prepared robots to participate in the selection match and used the same robot to prepare for the previous regional and national level Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI). “This process is also supported by the provision of funds and facilities from ITS, so that preparations can be carried out smoothly,” he said gratefully.

Not only that, the alumnus of the Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences Germany explained that the journey of the two teams to compete in the 2022 RoboCup was quite long. The Ichiro and IRIS teams had to pass a series of selections carried out by the committee formed by the RoboCup Federation. “The selection was carried out starting from the publication of scientific papers related to research in the Robot Soccer field to videos of the robot capabilities of each team,” he explained.

Another obstacle that befell the journey of the ITS Robotics team is the difference in terms and terrain from the competition that was followed, where the availability of the field became the main obstacle in the localization and testing of robots. The ITS Robotics Team uses a simulation field at the ITS Robotics Center Building with a smaller size of 8 x 12 meters from the actual size of 14 x 22 meters. However, both teams managed to break down all obstacles and successfully made ITS name in the international arena.

RoboCup 2022 yang diikuti peserta dari berbagai negara

RoboCup 2022 participated by participants from various countries.

Muhtadin expressed his gratitude because ITS has contributed a lot to the ITS Robotics team so that the robotics field can continue to participate through this support. In the future, Muhtadin hopes that ITS will consistently advance the field of robotics. “Hopefully, ITS will also produce a lot of technology related to the world of robotics through the use of research and algorithms that we have tested in robot competitions,” concluded Muhtadin.

For information, RoboCup is an annual event organized by the RoboCup Federation, an international federation containing researchers in the fields of robotics and AI. Every year, RoboCup is held in several different countries and is attended by hundreds of teams worldwide in 19 categories of robot competitions. In the last round, at least 335 teams from 40 countries participated, with a total of 2,200 visitors. (ITS Public Relation)

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