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Thursday, October 06, 2022
July 07, 2022 20:07

Minister of Transportation Appreciates ITS Barunastra Team Achievement as World Champion

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Menteri Perhubungan RI Dr (HC) Ir Budi Karya Sumadi (tengah) bersama Tim Barunastra ITS dan dosen pembimbing Dr Rudy Dikairono ST MT (kanan) di kantor Kementerian Perhubungan RI di Jakarta

Indonesian Minister of Transportation Dr (HC) Ir Budi Karya Sumadi (center) with the ITS Barunastra Team and supervisory lecturer Dr. Rudy Dikairono ST MT (right) at the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation office in Jakarta

ITS Campus, ITS News– The success of the Barunastra Team Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) becoming world champion at the 2022 International Roboboat Competition (IRC) in Florida, the United States, last June, continues to receive appreciation from various parties. This time, the Minister of Transportation (Menhub) RI Dr (HC) Ir Budi Karya Sumadi also expressed his gratitude and pride by inviting the ITS Barunastra Team directly to the head office Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub)in Jakarta Wednesday (6/7).

In the meeting also initiated by the ITS Alumni Association (IKA), the Minister of Transportation revealed that ITS Barunastra Team has three strengths in achieving success at the 2022 IRC. “First, our children are smart children, and this success is impossible to achieve without intelligence,” he said proudly.

Budi continued that the second is the tenacious character possessed by each team member. Competing with various world-class universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to the University of Michigan is certainly not easy. Especially with the equipment of these teams, which is much more sophisticated. However, this tenacity managed to bring Barunastra ITS to become the overall champion.

In addition, according to Budi, cooperation is also the main strength of the research team on the unmanned ship robot. Coming from various departments at ITS and different scientific backgrounds, it becomes its strength for the ITS Barunastra Team.

Kementerian Perhubungan RI bersama IKA ITS turut mengapresiasi keberhasilan Tim Barunastra ITS meraih Juara Umum pada International Roboboat Competition (IRC) 2022 di AS

Indonesian Ministry of Transportation, together with IKA ITS, also appreciates the success of the ITS Barunastra Team in winning the General Champion at the 2022 International Roboboat Competition (IRC) in the US.

Based on the general direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, Budi also advised that various research activities be carried out ITS, especially by the Barunastra Team. It is hoped that it can produce something beneficial to the community. “It means not only doing research but also being commercialized,” he said optimistically.

The supervisory lecturer of the ITS Barunastra Team, Dr. Rudy Dikairono ST MT, also revealed that the innovation of autonomous ships and artificial intelligence on the Nala Theseus ship belonging to the ITS Barunastra was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Transportation. In the future, the Minister of Transportation Budi and his party plan to adopt artificial intelligence innovation to meet the needs of transportation in Indonesia.

Finally, at the meeting, the Minister of Transportation also expressed his intention to visit ITS soon. In addition to watching the demonstration of the Barunastra Team crewless ship, his arrival was also related to the downstream business of ITS research products, especially those related to transportation. “Hopefully, hopefully, the work of this nation’s children can be demonstrated at the upcoming G20 Conference,” he hoped. (ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Fathia Rahmanisa

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