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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
July 04, 2022 22:07

Anargya ITS Wins Four International Awards in the Formula Bharat Pi-EV 2022

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Tim Anargya ITS dengan kode E07 yang bertarung di ajang kompetisi Pi-EV India 2022

The ITS Anargya team with code E07 will compete in the Pi-EV India 2022 competition.

ITS Campus, ITS News – The pride electric formula car team of  Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember  (ITS), Anargya, has again made a brilliant achievement in the international arena. This time, the ITS Anargya team won four awards simultaneously in the Formula Bharat 6th Annual FSEV Concept Challenge (Pi-EV 2022) competition, which was held online and officially announced Saturday (2/7) night.

The team coordinator for the competition which was held in India, Rafif Herdian Noor, explained that this competition challenged all students on a global scale to design and simulate an electric formula car. “Not only from a technical point of view, but this automotive competition also challenges students in various disciplines such as team management and procurement,” he added.

The young man familiarly called Rafif said that Anargya ITS successfully won second place out of a total of 21 international teams that competed in the Overall Event, Engineering Design Concept, and Team Management Strategy categories. “ITS Anargya also managed to occupy the third position in the Software and Intelligence Integration (SA AI) category,” continued this ITS Manufacturing Engineering Technology study program student.

Desain mobil besutan Anargya ITS yang dipertandingkan pada kompetisi internasional Pi-EV 2022

The design of the car made by Anargya ITS, which will be completed in the international competition Pi-EV 2022

Furthermore, Rafif explained that the technical concept of electric vehicles carried by Anargya ITS is a maximum speed of up to 111 kilometers per hour, accompanied by energy supply by energy storage designed in accordance with the qualifications of the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) competition. Not only that but the system is also equipped with regenerative braking technology that can reuse wasted energy to recharge the vehicle battery.

In addition, the car designed by Anargya ITS is also equipped with a monitoring system, telemetry, and data logger that can accurately monitor the car’s condition while driving. “Anargya has succeeded in designing all the algorithms into a well-integrated system and conquering the SA AI competition,” said the student from Kediri proudly.

Kapten tim Anargya ITS untuk Pi-EV 2022 Rafif Herdian Noor saat memberikan pidatonya secara daring setelah memenangkan Juara 2 kategori Overall Event

ITS Anargya team captain for Pi-EV 2022 Rafif Herdian Noor while giving his speech online after winning 2nd Place in the Overall Event category

Furthermore, the mechanic of the ITS Anargya team also said, to make car manufacturing successful as a whole, the team also has strategies in various fields. These include goal-setting process management, team structure, project timeline, financial, human resources, communication, media marketing, and plan for procuring car components. With this effective team planning, Anargya ITS succeeded in bearing the second-best Team Management Strategy title, eliminating 20 other international teams.

Unmitigated, with the achievements in several categories, they managed to bring Anargya ITS out to be the team with the second-best overall event at this international event. Rafif stated that this competition is also an event for the team to prepare for the prestigious FSAE 2023 event. “We expect help from all parties to continue to support us so Anargya ITS can make the nation’s name better on the international stage,” he concluded. (AJ/ITS Public Relations)

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