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ITS Expands Village Industry Cooperation with APEDI

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Wakil Rektor IV ITS Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD menyampaikan sambutan sebelum penandatangan MoU antar ITS dengan APEDI

ITS Vice Chancellor IV Bambang Pramujati ST MSc Eng PhD delivered a speech before signing the MoU between ITS and APEDI

ITS Campus, ITS News – The government continues to promote the development of the Industrial & Business Worl­d­—Dunia Usaha Dunia Industri (DUDI)­—in Indonesia to help accelerate the growth and advancement of villages. For this reason, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), together with the Indonesian Village Entrepreneurs Association (APEDI), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the ITS Rectorate’s Main Meeting Room, Wednesday (15/6).

This activity intended to achieve DUDI’s goals by making massive and intensive efforts to strengthen the network between ITS and APEDI  internally and externally. Internally, APEDI continues to improve the performance of its management at regional and national levels. While externally, it works with partners and related parties, one of which is ITS.

In his remarks, ITS Deputy Chancellor IV for Research, Innovation, Cooperation, and Alumni Bambang Pramujati S.T M.Sc Eng Ph.D welcomed the initiation of village industrial cooperation. According to Bambang, this rural industry had enormous and attractive potential, not inferior to the city. “It’s just that the community and opportunities are not as good as in urban areas,” he said.

Sambutan sekaligus pemaparan proyek teknologi dan inovasi oleh Presiden DPP APEDI Indonesia Moh Irfan

Speech and presentation of technology and innovation projects by the President of APEDI Indonesia DPP Moh Irfan

Bambang also conveyed to APEDI the importance of continuing to collaborate with investors and accelerating village economic growth. “Moreover, it is per APEDI’s request, which is closely related to ITS technology and village industry innovation,” he explained.

Bambang Pramujati, the lecturer of the Mechanical Engineering Department, said that the cooperation in developing technology and innovation for the village industry would be carried out under the scope of ITS. Such as the Center for Agri-Food and Biotechnology, the Center for Appropriate Technology Studies, the Center for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Center for Regional Potential and Community Empowerment are considered to be in line with APEDI.

On the other hand, APEDI Indonesia’s President, Moh Irfan explained that ITS is in line with the work program targets that have been proclaimed by APEDI, especially in the fields of technology and innovation. This organization is also in line with ITS vision and mission to encourage the gathering of village entrepreneurs to contribute to Indonesia’s development by enhancing the local economy.

Wakil Rektor IV ITS Bambang Pramujati ST MSc (dua dari kanan) dan Presiden DPP APEDI Indonesia Moh Irfan (dua dari kiri) usai penandatanganan Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) di ITS

ITS Vice Chancellor IV Bambang Pramujati ST MSc (second from right) and APEDI Indonesia DPP President Moh Irfan (second from left) after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at ITS

By signing the MoU, APEDI asked ITS to focus on technology and innovation with the latest breakthrough concepts related to the digital village ecosystem, tourist villages assistance, and village empowerment. The program is planned by building initial internet infrastructure so villages can be connected to one national platform. “Superior village assistance is also expected to maximize the potential of the region and existing human resources,” he said hopefully.

Furthermore, in the near term APEDI provides a main focus in the preparation of prospective land to build an integrated business network in a campus complex in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. In the future, it can become the center of MSME-based trade business from the area. “So, it will accommodate a lot of small and medium-sized businesses to move forward together,” he explained.

With various focuses that APEDI has designed, both parties will proceed appropriately and see opportunities for innovative technology to be used. It is also hoped that ITS and APEDI can contribute actively to increase the income growth of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) nationally. (ITS PR)

Reporter: Fauzan Fakhrizal Azmi

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