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Thursday, August 18, 2022
June 29, 2022 17:06

ITS Enters the Best Work Unit in Budget Execution

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Penghargaan ITS sebagai Peringkat II Satuan Kerja Terbaik dalam Pelaksanaan Anggaran triwulan I tahun 2022

ITS Award as Rank II of the Best Work Unit in Budget Implementation for the first quarter of 2022

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) received an award initiated by the Surabaya State Treasury Service Office (KPPN). Thanks to the hard work of the entire academic community, ITS won second place in the Best Work Unit for achieving the Budget Implementation Performance Indicator (IKPA) for the first quarter of 2022 for the Ceiling category of more than Rp 100 – 500 billion.

ITS Deputy Chancellor II for Planning, Finance, and Infrastructure, Ir Mas Agus Mardyanto ME Ph.D., who received the award directly, explained that ITS is included in the category of a ceiling that is not too large because ITS status has now become a Legal Entity State University (PTN-BH). The budget obtained by ITS is also divided into two categories. First, the budget category is for ASN salaries, and the second is for the PTN-BH Organizing Assistance Fund category.

Furthermore, Mas Agus explained that IKPA is a tool to measure the work units of government institutions in managing the budget, especially in terms of spending. By giving this award, KPPN encourages all branches of government institutions under its umbrella to maximize performance. “Especially in terms of participation, reporting, implementation, and achievement of outputs from the budget that are used properly, efficiently, and on target,” explained the ITS Environmental Engineering Department lecturer.

Wakil Rektor II ITS Ir Mas Agus Mardyanto ME PhD saat menjelaskan terkait penghargaan satuan kerja terbaik yang diraih ITS

ITS Vice Chancellor II Ir Mas Agus Mardyanto ME Ph.D. when explaining about the best work unit award won by ITS

There are three main aspects to the assessment process. These three aspects include the quality of budget planning, budget execution, and budget execution results. “These three aspects certainly show the overall effectiveness of ITS performance in managing the budget,” said this ITS Civil Engineering alumni.

The official in charge of planning, finance, and ITS infrastructure also said that there were eight performance indicator variables related to the budget they must meet in its implementation. The performance indicators include the revision of the Budget Implementation List (DIPA), deviation changes, budget absorption, list of spending contracts, bill fulfillment, management, and additional money supply, a dispensation of Payment Orders (SPM), and budget achievements.

Wakil Rektor II ITS Ir Mas Agus Mardyanto ME PhD

ITS Vice Chancellor II Ir Mas Agus Mardyanto ME PhD

Finally, the man born in 1962 said that the proper award is not a goal but a bonus for the hard work of all parties at ITS. It is hoped that this award can be a motivation for ITS in the future to continue to work sincerely and trustfully. “Hopefully, ITS can be better in the future so that we can realize the ideals of ITS as an entrepreneur university later in 2045,” he said optimistically. (ITS PR)


Reporter: Shauma Aulya Zahra

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