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Friday, August 12, 2022
June 27, 2022 18:06

ITS Students Design a Digital Business Ecosystem Entering the Education Sector

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Tim ITS yang berhasil menyabet gelar Juara I dalam kompetisi Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition 2022

The ITS team that won first place in the Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition 2022 by designing a Digital Business Ecosystem

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students initiated a solution to explore blockchain services and crypto assets and be accepted and developed in the education sector targeted at students. This solution can broaden students’ horizons in the field of a sustainable financial ecosystem in digital currency.

Currently, the exploration of blockchain services and crypto assets still gets a lot of negative perceptions from the public. The negative perception is because many parties are still doubtful about the workings and legality of the digital currency and the security of transactions for its users. “Currently, many digital platforms provide legal and trusted physical transactions of bitcoin and crypto assets,” said Firmansjah Muhammad.

The ITS Civil Engineering Department student, who is familiarly called Firman, said that an ecosystem development effort is needed to disseminate and eliminate this negative stigma of financial freedom and the crypto ecosystem in Indonesia. Students as agents of change are suitable targets to bring crypto transaction platform innovations that the public can accept through digital currency education programs.

Aktivitas yang digagas oleh tim ITS sebagai solusi penyelesaian masalah eksplorasi layanan blockchain dan aset kripto di sektor pendidikan

The ITS team commenced the action as a solution to solving issues in exploring blockchain services and crypto assets in the education sector.

Together with the other two members, Nur Alifiah Mutik Ghassani and Muhammad Dzakwan Nabil, Firman initiated an innovative idea to develop an online educational platform about crypto at an affordable price. “In addition to online courses, partnering with campuses is one solution to expand outreach at the student level,” continued this young man from Jakarta.

Firman added that the digital currency education program would actively participate in providing webinars and live guest lectures at several partner universities. The advantages that can be obtained by priority students who participate in this program are students can get additional learning modules and crypto gift cards. “Students can also participate in a cryptocurrency boot camp to broaden their horizons about this digital currency,” he continued.

Identifikasi masalah dan solusi yang ditawarkan oleh tim ITS di kompetisi Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition 2022

Identify problems and solutions provided by the ITS team in the 2022 Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition

The innovative idea of ​​bringing a crypto transaction platform to the education sector through this ITS student-style digital currency education program has succeeded in getting the team led by Firman to win 1st place in the Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition (GMBCC) last week. “Hopefully, Indonesian youth will be able to expand their knowledge about sustainable digital business and bring change to the nation’s economy,” he concluded. (ITS PR)


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