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Thursday, August 18, 2022
June 23, 2022 19:06

ITS Invites School Students to Know Robotics

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Pengenalan robot terbang dari Tim Bayucaraka ITS kepada para siswa SD

Introduction of flying robots from the ITS Bayucaraka Robotics Team to elementary school students

ITS Campus, ITS News –As the event hosts the Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) 2022, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) wants to introduce the world of robotics to a broader circle. One of them is through Robot Visitation activities to introduce the world of robotics to school students from elementary, junior high, and high school levels at the ITS Robotics Center Building for two days until Sunday (26/6) tomorrow

ITS Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Imam Abadi ST MT, said this activity aimed to introduce ITS to students from an early age. In addition, to revitalize the KRI 2022 activities and take advantage of the time lag in its implementation. “This robot visit fosters enthusiasm and ideas among elementary, middle, and high school students,” said the ITS Physics Engineering lecturer.

Furthermore, he explained that robot technology in the future would play an important role. This cannot be separated from the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various fields, such as transportation, medical, and infrastructure development. “ITS has developed i-Car and i-Boat to support technological advances in this field,” he explained

Direktur Kemahasiswaan ITS Dr Imam Abadi ST MT saat menyampaikan sambutan kepada para siswa SD dalam kegiatan Visitasi Robot di Gedung Pusat Robotika ITS

ITS Director of Student Affairs Dr. Imam Abadi ST MT when delivering a speech to elementary students in the Robot Visitation activity at the ITS Robotics Center Building

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of the Robot Visitation, Fiqey Indriati Eka Sari, explained that the activity began with the introduction of robots at ITS. This was done with explanations about each robot by the ITS Robotics Team. “There are many robots owned by ITS, but currently, there are six types of robots that can be present and displayed,” said a 2019 ITS Informatics Engineering student.

The student, often called Fiqey, said that the robots displayed at the event included: A fire-fighting robot from the Abinara Team. An underwater robot from the Banyubramanta team. andA humanoid soccer robot from the Ichiro team. In addition, there are also dance robots from Team V-Rose, flying robots from Team Bayucaraka, and wheeled soccer robots from Team IRIS.

Pengenalan robot tari dari Tim -Rose ITS kepada siswa-siswi SD dalam kegiatan Visitasi Robot di Gedung Pusat Robotika ITS

Introduction of dance robots from the ITS -Rose Team to elementary school students in Robot Visitation activities at the ITS Robotics Center Building

He said that the first day of visitation activities was explicitly held for elementary school students, and the second day was aimed at middle and high school students. “Even though it was held for two days, there was no difference in the form of activity between the two,” he added.

In the end, he said that with this activity, it is hoped that elementary, junior high, and high school students can get to know various robots, especially those at ITS. Thus, it is also expected that they can be motivated and develop their creativity, especially in robotics. “Hopefully, in the future, we can hold similar activities that are beneficial to the community,” he concluded. (ITS Public Relation)

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