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ITS Priority Abmas Designs Innovation for the Fake Thousand Hands Movement

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Djoko Kuswanto ST M Biotech, inisiator Gerakan Seribu Tangan Palsu yang diinisiasi melalui Program Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (Abmas) Prioritas ITS

Djoko Kuswanto ST M Biotech, initiator of the Fake Thousand Hands Movement initiated through the ITS Priority Community Service Program (Abmas)

ITS Campus, ITS News –Innovative work useful for the community, again produced by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) academic community. Innovation in forming a friendly community ecosystem for friends with disabilities through the Fake Thousand Hands Movement, initiated through the ITS Priority Community Service Program (Abmas).

The Fake Thousand Hands Movement is an effort that ITS lecturers jointly initiated by paying attention to developing unique innovations for people with disabilities. It knows that more than one billion people have a disability. Equivalent to about 15 percent of the world’s population, with 190 million (3.8 percent) people aged 15 years and over experiencing significant difficulties with activities. So often need health care services.

The Chief Executive of ITS Priority Abmas, Djoko Kuswanto ST MBiotech, revealed that in Indonesia itself, it knows that there are five categories of disability, namely physical, intellectual, mental, sensory, and multiple disabilities. Meanwhile, based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), in 2020, the number of people with disabilities in Indonesia reached 22.5 million, or around 8 percent. “From this problem, it becomes the main benchmark in developing innovation, as well as solving the problem of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” he said.

Berbagai jenis cover design yang ditawarkan oleh produsen Abmas Prioritas ITS dengan prinsip open source website pengembangan

Various types of cover designs are offered by Abmas Prioritas ITS producers with the principle of open-source website development.

The development of this work is carried out by the abilities of the academic community and the general public, such as making donations, helping to print with 3D printers, providing information on the whereabouts of friends with disabilities, assisting with documentation, helping to measure, donating materials, and so on. From the development of essential assistance, Djoko hopes wholly to the government and related agencies so that this noble goal can get continuous support for friends with disabilities if there is damage, changes due to age, or other reasons to update innovations.

The Prosthetic Thousand Hands movement has also been adapted based on 3D printer technology, an open source prosthetic model created by the Integrated Digital Design (iDIG) laboratory. Department of Industrial Product Design (Despro) ITS. It has also been prepared with the support of the Indonesian Tridimensional Printer Association, with the prosthetic model, which will continue to grow and be updated. “3D activists and 3D printers in many places throughout Indonesia can play a role in helping print with 3D printers for friends with disabilities around them,” he said.

Desain model dua sebagai bentuk open source low cost mechathronic hand prosthetic yang disediakan melalui Gerakan Seribu Tangan Palsu

The design of model two is an open source form of low-cost mechatronic hand prosthetic provided through the Fake Thousand Hands Movement.

Through the slogan, I Can’t…But We Can, Ayo Gotong Royong, the Fake Thousand Hands Movement is also expected to be able to achieve the target SDGs by moving the wheels of the community’s economy. One of them is by involving a prosthetic or orthotic workshop at the nearest location for people with disabilities to get therapeutic procedures and safe and comfortable sockets. This activity is also ready to provide free training by submitting a request for a workshop through the SMA/SMK/madrasah/Islamic boarding school.

Desain finger prosthetic for two finger type one yang dikembangkan oleh ITS dalam Gerakan Seribu Tangan Palsu

Finger prosthetic design for two finger type one developed by ITS in the Fake Thousand Hands Movement

From the development of assistance and innovation, Djoko hopes that this abmas activity will continue to develop so that it can be felt directly by people with disabilities in Indonesia in real terms. Even though it’s not ready to be mass-produced at the moment and seeing the price, it will be adjusted with the help of BPJS. “This development is also expected not only to be a downstream product that only relies on the scientific development of each researcher,” explained the lecturer of the ITS Despro Department.

Tampilan work breakdown structure jangka panjang yang ditawarkan kepada para donatur dan masyarakat umum

Display of long-term work breakdown structure offered to donors and the general public.

Not only that, but Djoko also stated that in the future, there would be many activities carried out by the Indonesian government and social institutions and even the general public directly, but almost all of them are short-term and without long-term solutions. “While this ITS product is targeted to be a repetition of giving finished products by relying on the power of raising donations,” he said. (ITS Public Relation)

Reporter: Fauzan Fakhrizal Azmi

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