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Friday, August 12, 2022
June 20, 2022 18:06

First, in Indonesia, ITS Opens Chemical Instrumentation and Analytical Science Study Program

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Aktivitas di salah satu laboratorium yang disiapkan untuk program studi Sains Analitik dan Instrumentasi Kimia ITS

Activities in one of the laboratories prepared for the ITS Chemical Analytical and Instrumentation Science study program

ITS Campus, ITS News –The rapid development of science and technology (science and technology) in the world requires progress in learning in various disciplines, including chemistry. In response to this, under the auspices of the Department of Chemistry, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) re-opened the first new study program (Prodi) in Indonesia Analytical Science and Chemical Instrumentation for the 2022 academic year.

Prof. Dr. rer nat Fredy Kurniawan MSi, Head of the ITS Chemistry Department, revealed that this study program would focus on analytical chemistry. Fredy considered that the discipline of analytical chemistry is growing and intersects with other fields. “Analyzing a chemical sample requires analytical skills with in-depth tools and theories,” explained Fredy.

So the professor of Chemistry explained that to emphasize this knowledge, in terms of learning methods, it will take a 50:50 portion between practice and theory. The chemicals that will be focused on are general so that the students of this study program can have a broad direction of competence.

Furthermore, Fredy mentioned examples of focused analytical chemical directions in many things, such as environmental, medical, industrial, and other fields. “So this study program is very suitable for prospective students who want to be involved in the world of research by becoming a researcher,” said Fredy.

Kepala Departemen Kimia ITS Prof Dr rer nat Fredy Kurniawan MSi (depan)

Head of ITS Chemistry Department Prof. Dr rer nat Fredy Kurniawan MSi (front)

Regarding the facilities and infrastructure for this study program, according to Fredy, because this science is the deepening of the chemistry family, in the future, we will use laboratories and buildings that already exist in the Chemistry Department. In addition, with the additional large budget prepared for this particular study program, it is hoped that it will be able to support the learning of interested prospective students.

Regarding professional teaching staff, Fredy said seven lecturers are ready to guard the first batch of this study program. Among them are two people who have reached professorships, three doctors, and two with master’s degrees. So Fredy assessed that ITS, especially the Department of Chemistry, was ready with all the efforts that had been prepared for a year since this study program was launched.

Of course, before publishing it, the ITS Chemistry Department was open to suggestions and inputs received from various parties to support the readiness of this new study program. Moreover, this study program is considered unique in Indonesia. One that gave excellent input was Indonesian Chemists Association (HKI) which includes the Analytical Chemistry division with the hope of advancing chemistry in Indonesia with the formation of this study program.

Kondisi laboratorium yang disiapkan untuk program studi Sains Analitik dan Instrumentasi Kimia ITS

Laboratory conditions prepared for the ITS Chemical Analytical and Instrumentation Science study program

Fredy also added prospective students interested in the Analytical Science and Chemical Instrumentation Study Program could register for the ITS Partnership and Independent Selection, which will end on June 26, 2022. The quota for the first batch of this new study program is targeted to receive 40 new students in the academic year, and it’s only 2022.

Finally, Fredy hopes that the presence of the Chemical Analytical and Instrumentation Science Study Program can motivate prospective students who intend to continue their knowledge in the field of chemistry. In addition, Fredy advised students who are accepted in the future in this new study program to become reliable chemists and advance the field of chemistry in Indonesia. (ITS Public Relation)

Reporter: Gandhi Kesuma

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