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Collab with 18 MSMEs, ITS DKV Launches a Promotion Exhibition

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Beberapa karya yang ditampilkan dalam Pameran DKV Promosi Exhibition di gedung Departemen DKV ITS

Some of the works displayed in the DKV Promotion Exhibition at the ITS DKV Department building

ITS Campus, ITS News – Students of the Visual Communication Design Department (DKV) of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) are well-known for their creative ideas. Through the DKV Promotion Exhibition, the fourth-semester students who took the Promotion course exhibited works that promoted 18 East Java Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) at the ITS DKV Department building, Tuesday (7/6).

The Coordinator of the DKV Promotion Exhibition, Srilendra Agung Ikramawardhana, explained that this exhibition is a tradition towards the end of the semester for the Promotion course. Not only exhibiting their work to the general public and promoting partner SMEs, this exhibition is also a form of fulfilling course obligations.

Mawar, as he is familiarly called, said that 80 students were involved in preparing and implementing this exhibition. They are divided into 18 groups; each one has a MSME partner. Each group prepares an exhibition booth with attractive decorations that characterize the promoted MSME products. They also show videos of advertisements, websites, catalogs, brochures, Instagram filters, and product samples.

Koordinator Pameran, Srilendra Agung Ikramawardhana (dua dari kanan) bersama kelompoknya di depan stan UMKM furnitur Robries

Exhibition Coordinator Srilendra Agung Ikramawardhana (second from right) with his group in front of the Robries MSME furniture booth

One of the MSMEs involved in this exhibition is Robries, owned by ITS DKV alumni in the furniture sector. Mawar, also a member of this group, explained that her group chose Robries because they were interested in the raw materials for the furniture they used. “Although the raw material is plastic, this furniture is stronger than ceramic,” claimed the 2020 student.

Naufan Noordyanto SSn MS, along with four lecturers in the Promotion Course felt that MSMEs had difficulties after the pandemic period. In addition, the constraints of design costs and lack of knowledge about creative media promotion strategies were the reasons why MSMEs were chosen.

The fourth-semester DKV students are expected to be able to help SMEs with the designs they make. “This is also a simulation of making promotions with data from the field,” he said.

Furthermore, the selection of MSMEs aims to align the steps with the vision and mission of ITS in community service. The five lecturers who support the Promotion Course designed and agreed upon this. They are Rabendra Yudistira Alamin ST MDs, Andita Wibyasti Sari Putri ST MDs, Didit Prasetyo ST MT, Octaviyanti Dwi Wahyurini ST MAppDesArt PhD, and Naufan Noordyanto SSn MSn. “We are trying to align the direction of study with ITS mission in research and service,” said Naufan. (ITS PR)


Reporter: Nurul Lathifah

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