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Saturday, September 24, 2022
June 13, 2022 15:06

Bionersia, Biogas Startup Overcome Carbon Emissions Ideas for ITS Alumni

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Founder beserta staf Bionersia pada acara pameran [RE]Spark Renewable Energy Festival 2022 yang diselenggarakan di The Westin Jakarta pada Jumat (03/06)

Founder and Bionersia staff at the [RE]Spark Renewable Energy Festival 2022 exhibition held at The Westin Jakarta on Friday (03/06)

ITS Campus, ITS News – Carbon emissions in Indonesia are increasing by 20% every year, and this is the cause of reduced oxygen levels in the air. Responding to these problems, Bio Energi Indonesia (Bionersia), which is a startup alumnus of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), is here as a solution to take advantage of these carbon emissions.

Three ITS alums initiated startup Bionersia and the Head of Sub-Directorate for Entrepreneurship and Career Development ITS Ir Arief Abdurrakhman ST MT in early 2019. Among them are Almira Ose AMdT as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Radian Indra ST MT as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Mohammad Berel Toriki ST MT as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Bionersia’s administrative staff, Wahyu Nur Handayani, revealed that this startup is a company that cares about environmental issues, especially global warming. The company is engaged in renewable energy, especially biogas. “Our company produces biogas from cow dung,” said the Instrumentation Engineering student.

(dari kiri atas) Generator set (genset) biogas, bio digester atau reaktor, alat purifikasi, dan sistem kontrol berbasis Internet of Things (IoT) yang merupakan beberapa produk-produk yang ditawarkan oleh Bionersia

(from top left) Biogas generator set, biodigester or reactor, purification equipment, and Internet of Things (IoT) based control system which is some of the products offered by Bionersia

Furthermore, the woman who is often called Yani explained that Bionersia has four main products that are integrated. Among them is a biodigester which functions to process cow dung waste into biogas. The biodigester takes two weeks to process cow dung into biogas. “Unlike other bio-digesters, this bio-digester is portable and can run automatically,” he explained.

After that, the dirt will go through a purification tool to filter out unnecessary substances such as H2S so that the biogas produced is of a higher level. Furthermore, biogas that has gone through a purification device is channeled to a biogas stove. In addition to cooking, biogas can also be an alternative source of electricity that is converted first through a biogas generator set.

Staf Bionersia sedang mempresentasikan produk-produk Bionersia kepada pengunjung [RE]Spark Renewable Energy Festival 2022

Bionersia staff is presenting Bionersia products to visitors [RE]Spark Renewable Energy Festival 2022

In addition to these products, Yani stated that Bionersia also provides a control system based on the Internet of Things (IoT). The control system is used to regulate these tools’ temperature, pressure, and electric current. “Regarding its maintenance, Bionersia provides a three-month warranty for maintenance and damage that occurs,” explained the 2018 student.

This startup, created by ITS alums, won first place in Best Booth at the [RE]Spark Renewable Energy Festival organized by New Energy Nexus Indonesia at The Westin Jakarta. The event is an exhibition participated by renewable energy startups from various countries. “In addition to being a champion, our goal is to try to promote Bionersia products to visitors,” he concluded. (ITS Public Relation/far)

Reporter: Thariq Agfi Hermawan

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