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ITS Anargya Carves Achievements at the Jakarta 2022 Formula-E Event

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Tim Anargya ITS terdiri atas (dari kiri) Sultan Achmad Hidayatulloh, Muhammad Nizaar Musyaffa, Febrian Dwi Saputra, dan Hamzah Nur Azzam yang raih prestasi di Formula-E Jakarta 2022

The ITS Anargya team consists of (from left) Sultan Achmad Hidayatulloh, Muhammad Nizaar Musyaffa, Febrian Dwi Saputra, and Hamzah Nur Azzam, who achieved achievements in Formula-E Jakarta 2022

ITS Campus, ITS News Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) electric car research team, Anargya, conducted another electric vehicle design competition. Innovating an electric vehicle called the Faratz EV, the ITS Anargya Team won the runner-up title in the competition held at the Formula-E Jakarta 2022 event.

The Faratz EV is an electric-powered urban car with a futuristic, minimalist, and sporty theme. The vehicle, which was designed by a small unit from the ITS Anargya Team, is capable of covering a distance of 300 kilometers with a maximum speed of 133.2 kilometers per hour. The steering wheel uses power steering, and the suspension uses an anti-roll bar type, so the car runs more stable. “The Faratz EV is designed as an everyday car to be driven in the city,” said Team Unit Head Sultan Achmad Hidayatulloh.

The ITS Mechanical Engineering Department student also continued that the battery used in the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) type car has a power of 79 kWh and can be fully charged in just 1.7 hours from an empty state. “Our calculations are done manually based on a literature study, and the calculation results are simulated with the Simulink application,” said the mechanic of the ITS Anargya Team.

Desain mobil Faratz EV oleh Tim Anargya ITS yang berhasil raih prestasi di ajang Formula-E Jakarta 2022

The design of the Faratz EV car by the ITS Anargya Team, which has won the Formula-E Jakarta 2022 event

Further, Sultan explained that the car’s safety has also been designed to be more user-friendly. Under abnormal circumstances, the system can stop the car engine slowly and automatically. However, the driver can also do self-diagnosis, where the driver can turn off the system manually if he senses a system error. “This manual car security system is designed to be simpler, so it can take action faster if a system error occurs,” he added.

Desain rangka mobil yang dikembangkan di Faratz EV, rancangan Tim Anargya ITS

Car frame design developed in Faratz EV, designed by ITS An Anargya Team

In addition, the motor used by Faratz EV is an outrunner type, whereas generally, cars use an in-wheel type motor, namely the Brushless DC Motor (BLDC). This outrunner-type motor is to the engine’s specifications in a car that requires a power of 62 kWh, and this selection influences the vehicle’s speed, energy consumption, and acceleration. “Even though it uses an outrunner motor, the motor is designed to work like a BLDC,” he explained.

Poster konsep desain dan spesifikasi Faratz EV, hasil garapan Tim Anargya ITS

Poster of the design concept and specifications of the Faratz EV, the result of the ITS Anargya Team

Furthermore, the Faratz EV body design uses galvanic steel, which has a lighter weight of 72 kilograms. At the same time, the importance of the car chassis is 234 kilograms. “Because the weight of the battery used is quite heavy, the body and frame of the car are designed to be quite light,” explained the student from Surabaya.

By bringing the Faratz EV innovation, the team consisting of Muhammad Nizaar Musyaffa, Hamzah Nur Azzam, and Febrian Dwi Saputra, who Alief Wikarta ST MSc Eng Ph.D. mentored, managed to come out as runner-up in a sustainable electric vehicle design competition. “Hopefully, this innovation can be further developed into a prototype version and then mass-produced in Indonesia,” concluded Sultan. (ITS Public Relation)


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