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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
June 02, 2022 15:06

Held Online, ITS Chem-E-Car Competition is Participated by Foreign Universities

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Salah satu tim ICRCC 2022 sedang melakukan inspeksi mobil rancangannya secara daring di hadapan para tim ahli

One of the ICRCC 2022 teams is conducting an online inspection of his design car in front of a team of experts in ITS Chem-E-Car Competition

ITS Campus, ITS News – After the success of the first online Chem-E-Car competition in Indonesia last year, the Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember  (ITS) again held the 2022 Indonesia Chemical Reaction Car Competition (ICRCC) online for the second time, Sunday (29/5). The competition which lasted until the evening was not only attended by domestic universities, but also foreign universities.

This annual event which is a series of Chemical Engineering Innovation Festival (Chernival) activities carries the theme Discharging Innovation through Youth Collaboration. “With this theme, participants are expected to be able to use knowledge in the field of chemical engineering, creativity, and ability in a team to design car prototypes,” said Aldela Hariyanniko, coordinator of ICRCC 2022.

The student who is often called Niko explained that ICRCC is a rebranding of ICECC (Indonesia Chem-E-Car Competition). According to him, the teams competing in ICRCC 2022 are not only chemical engineering students, but also from other disciplines. “It is hoped that this will become a new identity for the chemical reaction car competition held by ITS,” he continued.

The ICRCC 2022 was attended by 26 teams from various domestic and foreign universities. ITS itself sent two team representatives, namely the Spektronics XXI Team and the Spektronics 22 Team. The representatives from foreign universities came from the Industrial University of Santander, Colombia and Tafresh University, Iran.

Salah satu tim ketika menjalankan mobil prototipenya pada tahap Race Competition secara daring di ajang ICRCC 2022

One of the teams running their prototype car at the online Race Competition stage at the ICRCC 2022

The ICRCC 2022 participants were challenged to design a car that utilizes chemical reactions as a power source and is able to stop at a certain distance by itself. “Before starting the car, the participants must go through several selection stages such as the Job Safety Assessment (JSA), Presentation and Inspection Day (PID), and Race Competition,” explained Niko again.

At the JSA stage, he continued, participants were required to create a document that explained in detail the chemicals used, specifications of the equipment used, safety, emission calculations, and other matters related to the concept car. “At this stage, participants are selected into 23 teams that will advance to the final round,” he added.

Niko continued, participants in the final round will follow the PID stage, where participants will present the car that has been designed in front of the judges. “Furthermore, participants will go to the inspection room to check the safety of the car and the technical aspects of the car that will be used at the Race Competition stage,” he said.

Salah satu tim melakukan presentasi rancangan mobilnya di hadapan para juri secara daring pada ajang ICRCC 2022

One of the teams presented their car design in front of the judges online at the ICRCC 2022

The highlight of ICRCC 2022 itself is Race Day. According to Niko, different from the previous year which challenged the participants’ cars to walk on a square track, this time the track that must be passed is in the form of a triangle with a distance of 8.5 meters. In addition, the car which also has to carry a load of 1,000 grams is expected to be able to stop as close as possible to the predetermined finish line.

Niko hopes that the 2022 ICRCC competition can have a positive impact on the development of fuel research and safety aspects which are also the focus of the competition. “This is also an effort to support the Indonesian government as the host of the G20, where one of the things that is the focus is the issue of renewable energy,” he concluded.

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Reporter: Tyara Novia Andhin

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