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ITS Inaugurates Master of Management Science Masters Program

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Kaprodi Pascasarjana Manajemen Bisnis ITS Muhammad Saiful Hakim SE MM PhD

Head of ITS Business Management Postgraduate Study Program Muhammad Saiful Hakim SE MM PhD

ITS Campus, ITS News – As one institution that improves human quality, the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) continues to develop to provide quality education for students and prospective students. This time, the Department of Business Management (MB) ITS officially presents the Master of Management Science (MSM) Masters Program.

The Head of the ITS MB Postgraduate Study Program (Kaprodi), Muhammad Saiful Hakim SE MM Ph.D., said this program was formed as one of ITS MB’s efforts to create graduates skilled in the academic field. He added that the ITS Master of Science (MSM) has uniqueness that distinguishes it from the ITS Master of Technology Management (MMT).

According to the man familiarly called Saiful, MSM ITS provides an academic-oriented experience compared to MMT ITS, which is more practical-oriented to its students. “The equation we calculated between ITS MMT and ITS MSM is 11 percent,” he explained. He added that MSM ITS offers specialization in business management science compared to other institutions.

The ITS MB Department lecturer explained that the theses produced by MSM ITS and MMT ITS would have significant differences. Namely, at MSM ITS, the thesis title tends to develop knowledge that can be applied to several companies. As for MMT ITS, the thesis is more directed at solving a specific problem in a company that is in the philosophy of business research.

Furthermore, Saiful, MSM ITS has a target to produce graduates with promising professions, such as business consultants, researchers, entrepreneurs, and various other jobs. “Of course, there are several requirements to graduate in this program, such as being able to produce a thesis, produce well-known research products, and other requirements,” he explained.

Struktur pilar keilmuan yang akan ditempuh di Program S2 Magister Sains Manajemen ITS

The structure of the scientific pillars that will take in the ITS Master of Management Science Masters Program

With 40-semester credit units (SKS) to be taken, MSM ITS also offers several interesting elective courses. International financial management, inter-business marketing, supply chain management, investment analysis, and several other methods. “MB ITS is ready to educate and guide postgraduate students later with competent lecturers and adequate facilities,” he said.

Finally, Saiful hopes that the ITS MSM Masters will later create quality graduates for the outside community. “We hope that with the realization of this study program, many prospective students will be more enthusiastic about continuing their studies, especially in the field of business management,” he said hopefully. (ITS Public Relation)

Reporter: Bima Surya Samudra

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