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Ajarin, a Platform to Improve the Quality of Educators

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Anggota Tim Toudy ITS yang menggagas platform Ajarin untuk mendukung peningkatan kualitas ajar mengajar

Member of the ITS Study Team who initiated Ajarin to support improving the quality of teaching and learning

Kampus ITS, ITS News – The entry of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 has encouraged the integration of digital technology in distance learning in Indonesia. However, not all people understand the use of technology, especially in education. From these problems, three students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) provided an Ajarin platform that helps educators be more skilled at using technology for the teaching and learning process.

Ajarin, which became the Toudy Team’s breakthrough, is an educational platform to improve the quality of educators. The team consisted of Daniel Hermawan, Christopher Marcelino Mamahit, and Adifa Widyadhani Chanda. The team consisting of ITS class 2020 students designed a bold web-based expecting support education during the pandemic.

As the team leader, Daniel Hermawan explained that this website would attract educators, such as teachers and lecturers who have difficulty adapting to this new learning system. “We think that Ajarin can be a solution and a good tool for educators and the community in learning to teach, without direct contact,” he said.

Tampilan layanan-layanan yang dapat diakses pada platform website Ajarin yang dicetuskan oleh Tim Toudy ITS

Display of services that can be accessed on the Ajarin website platform initiated by the ITS Toudy TeamDaniel added that many services could be accessed so that the user’s learning process could run well. These services include daring courses, webinars, short videos, teaching tools, and the Ajarin community. “In addition to services that support educators, we also adjust the design of this application to be user-friendly,” added the student from Sidoarjo.

According to Daniel, more clearly, a brave course can provide interactive education between users, namely educators and people who are more experts in their fields. In this daring course, we will discuss the techniques for using Canva, zoom, and others in separate sessions. Furthermore, there are also webinars where users can participate in more general material sessions on bold learning.

Meanwhile, continued Daniel, short videos are an alternative solution for educators who want to learn but don’t have the time to attend previous services. This short video will contain tips or life hacks for using applications that can support learning to be more interactive. “In this short video, we will also explore the material so that it is easy to reach because the target is educators who are still technologically savvy,” he said.

Tampilan platform website Ajarin, karya mahasiswa ITS yang menampilkan halaman berandanya

Display of the Ajarin website platform, the work of ITS students displaying the home page

The web page is already connected with teaching tools. With this page, users no longer need to open applications such as Canva and Zoom to apply the learning outcomes directly. “Users just click on the application from the teaching tools page they want,” he continued.

Furthermore, the Ajarin Community Service is the last feature that contains data and information that other Ajarin users can develop. In it, users can expand their relationships and experiences. Users’ knowledge is not limited to what they learn on the Ajarin web but also created together with other users.

This platform that provides many services offers a lot of knowledge to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Daniel and his colleagues Competition this idea into a web development competition until finally bringing third place WebX Mile Zero Project Institut Teknologi Bandung 2022.

Lastly, Daniel hopes that Ajarin can help support the education sector, especially during the pandemic. In addition, he also believes that Ajarin has excellent potential by reaching out to other media partners so that they can continue to exist. “Hopefully, Ajarin can have a broad impact while helping to improve the quality of education in Indonesia,” he hoped. (ITS PR)

Reporter: Gandhi Kesuma

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