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Friday, August 12, 2022
April 12, 2022 19:04

ITS is Trusted to be the Operator of the Surabaya City Government TOEFL Test

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Suasana para peserta ujian dari Pemkot Surabaya saat mengikuti tes TOEFL di Laboratorium Digital Education Science ITS

The atmosphere of the test takers from the Surabaya City Government while taking the TOEFL test at the ITS Digital Education Service Laboratory

Campus ITS, ITS NewsThe Global Language Center Unit (UPBG) of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is often trusted by various agencies as the implementer of the TOEFL test. One of them was by the Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) who again trusted UPBG ITS to hold a TOEFL test for its employees, Tuesday (12/4).

The Civil Service and Human Resources Development Agency (BKPSDM) of the Surabaya City Government sent an application for the procurement of the TOEFL test to ITS on April 1 last. The application for the TOEFL test was made in the context of the selection of teacher and school principal training programs to be held in Busan City, South Korea. Meanwhile, training for civil servants (PNS) will be held in Kochi City, Japan.

Following up on the request, the Head of UPBG ITS Ervin Nurhayati ST MT Ph.D. in collaboration with the ITS Digital Education Service Laboratory borrows a computer laboratory. Ervin explained that this loan was made because of the large number of test-takers. “There were 200 participants who took part from elementary, middle, high school teachers, to civil servants (PNS),” he explained.

Ervin explained the TOEFL test which was held at the ITS Science Tower Building was divided into two sessions. That is, the first session is held from 08.00 to 11.00, and the second session which starts from 12.00 to 15.00 in the afternoon. There are three rooms used in the first session and two rooms in the second session. “For the first session there were 132 participants and 68 participants in the second session,” he said.

Penjelasan durasi tiap sesi ujian kepada para peserta sesi kedua tes TOEFL di ITS

Explanation of the duration of each exam session to the participants of the second session of the TOEFL test at ITS

Each session begins with a preparation stage that contains attendance and account trials. Ervin explained that the TOEFL test carried out by his party used the Paper Based Test (PBT) TOEFL type, but used the myITS Classroom media.

This media change is a form of implementing health protocols since the pandemic. Due to changes in the working media, Ervin said that his party provided guidelines and examples before the test was carried out. This is done to minimize technical problems.

Regarding the obstacles faced, Ervin emphasized that there were no significant obstacles encountered. Preparation long before the implementation of the test makes all needs ready carefully. The preparations included socialization via Whatsapp Group to prospective test participants five days earlier, sharing passwords and participant IDs, trial class facilities at myITS Classroom, and borrowing a computer laboratory.

Finally, Ervin is honored to be able to provide TOEFL test services to parties outside ITS. He said the hope that the TOEFL test service at UPBG ITS would be increasingly known by the wider community. “We hope that more people will know that we are not only serving the ITS academic community, but also outsiders who want to take the TOEFL test,” he concluded. (ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Nurul Lathifah

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