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Up to 48 Percent, ITS Vocational Faculty Nets 2,097 Students with National Achievements

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Landmark Fakultas Vokasi ITS yang mencantumkan departemen-departemen yang dinaunginya

ITS Vocational Faculty Landmark, which lists the departments it covers

ITS Campus, ITS News– Registration for the Applied or Vocational Undergraduate Program Achievement Selection path at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) was officially closed last Thursday (7/4). From the latest data, 2,097 outstanding students from all over Indonesia were interested in enrolling in this unique pathway, an increase of 48 percent from the previous year.

The Head of the Sub-directorate of Admission of the ITS Education Directorate Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEngSc explained that ITS provides a quota of 264 seats for the achievement selection path for this applied undergraduate program. “This acceptance figure is 30 percent of the total quota of new students for the ITS applied for undergraduate program in 2022,” he explained.

ITS will announce the results of the 2022 applied undergraduate achievement path selection on April 20. In the selection through the screening of academic achievements, applicants from various regions in Indonesia will pass according to the available quota and spread to multiple departments at ITS.

Although the available quota has not changed from last year, Unggul added that in this selection process, prospective students would be selected directly by ITS based on tracking achievements and academic portfolios. Unggul assesses that this pathway will help outstanding students continue their higher education.

More fully, in 2022, ITS opens selection for eight applied for undergraduate study programs. Namely: Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Water Building Construction Engineering Technology, Energy Conversion Engineering Technology, Building Management, Maintenance Engineering Technology, Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology, Instrumentation Technology Engineering, Automation Engineering Technology, and Business Statistics.

Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc, Kepala Subdirektorat Admisi Direktorat Pendidikan ITS

Unggul Wasiwitono ST MEng Sc, Head of Sub-Directorate of Admissions, ITS Education Directorate

Unggul said that there are currently three favorite registrants: Business Statistics Study Program with 527 applicants, Civil Infrastructure Engineering Study Program (Civil Building Management and Maintenance Engineering Technology) with 495 applicants, and Industrial Chemical Engineering Technology Study Program with 390 applicants.

With the completion of the registration period, the participant selection process is currently underway until the scheduled announcement time. “For the total of each study program in the Applied Undergraduate Achievement Path, ITS provides an additional quota of 30 percent of the capacity that has been given, considering a large number of applicants for this pathway,” said the lecturer of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Participants who have passed the selection can re-register, which will also be done online on 9-11 May 2022. Meanwhile, those who have not succeeded in the achievement track can still re-register on the regular and independent path. “Hopefully, all the processes will run smoothly, and high school/vocational school students interested in vocational education can continue to be accommodated,” he said.

In the end, Unggul hopes that all new students accepted at ITS can take full advantage of the opportunity to study at this Hero Campus. “Hopefully, applicants who are accepted at ITS from all the pathways that have been provided can study well at ITS and complete the chosen program on time,” he concluded. (ITS Public Relation).


Reporter: Gandhi Kesuma

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