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Won 10 Medals, ITS Achievements at the 2022 East Java Pomprov Event

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Pembina beserta tim UKM Tenis Lapangan ITS saat meraih juara di ajang Pomprov Jawa Timur 2022

The coach and the ITS Field Tennis UKM team when they won the 2022 East Java Pomprov event

ITS Campus, ITS News – The East Java Province Student Sports Week (Pomprov Jatim) 2022 is a place to buy achievements for athletes from the students of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS). In the grand event, ITS managed to win 10 medals in various sports as well as the overall champion in the tennis field which was held on 19-30 March 2022.

The Head of the Character Section of the ITS Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) Imam Safawi SSi MSi said that ITS sent 23 athletes from various departments to compete in the East Java Pomprov this time. “Although the preparation for the Pomprov competition is only about two weeks to a month, the ITS contingents managed to bring 10 medals from all sports and the General Champion in the field tennis sport,” he explained.

Dr. Ir Mahirul Mursid MSc, a supervisor of the ITS Field Tennis Student Activity Unit (UKM), revealed that the achievements achieved by his team at the 2022 East Java Pomprov event were a new achievement for ITS. This is also the first time that the ITS Field Tennis UKM team won the overall championship. “Not only the tennis team, other teams that ITS deployed in this year’s Pomprov event also won medals,” said the man who is familiarly called Mursid.

Mursid continued, the ITS Field Tennis Team won two gold medals presented by Agsulikin Kasih Putra in the men’s singles category. In addition, Nabila Syifasari and Dewinta Kusuma Arsyanti also won gold medals in the women’s doubles category. Meanwhile, two silver medals were won by Bramila Shofia in the women’s singles category, and in the mixed doubles category by Agsulikin Kasih Putra and Bramila Shofia.

Kontingen Tenis Lapangan ITS yang berhasil menjadi Juara Umum di ajang Pomprov Jawa Timur 2022 beserta Pembina Tim Tenis Lapangan ITS Dr Ir Mahirul Mursid MSc (tengah)

The ITS Field Tennis Contingent who managed to become the General Champion at the East Java Pomprov 2022 event along with the ITS Field Tennis Team Advisor Dr. Ir Mahirul Mursid MSc (center)

Not only gold and silver medals, but the ITS Field Tennis team also won bronze medals which were won by Mochammad Fiqih and Bisma Rasendriya as 3rd place winners in the men’s doubles category. “So the total medals won by the ITS Field Tennis UKM team at the East Java Pomprov 2022 event were five medals and won the General Champion in the tennis sport,” said Mursid.

In addition to tennis, Sumardiono, who is an ITS swimmer, also won a silver medal in the 200-meter free-swimming category and a bronze medal in the 100-meter free-swimming category for men. In addition to swimming, Laras Aditya Putri (ITS Taekwondo athlete) and Putri Sharwana (ITS Karate-Do athlete) also won silver medals. Hilmi Ismu Rendrakusuma (Athlete Tarung Derajat) also won a bronze medal at the 2022 East Java Pomprov event.

Atlet Renang ITS, Sumardiono, yang berhasil merebut dua medali sekaligus pada ajang Pomprov Jawa Timur 2022

ITS Swimming Athlete, Sumardiono, who won two medals at the same time at the 2022 East Java Pomprov event

Furthermore, Imam Safawi or who is familiarly called Isa said that this brilliant achievement did not escape the struggle and hard work of ITS athletes in preparing for this competition. He said it takes hard work and a strong determination to become a champion. “We are trying our best because it has been given the trust to participate in the East Java Pomprov event this time,” he said.

Isa said that the athletes who were mobilized to participate in the competition had to prepare mentally before competing. The champion mentality must be held tightly by the champions. “Even though the participants have a combination of competitive ability and precise tactics, they may not be able to apply it during the match if they don’t have a strong enough mentality,” he said.

Putri Sharwana, mahasiswa Departemen Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota ITS yang berhasil meraih medali perak cabang olahraga karate di Pomprov Jatim 2022

Putri Sharwana, a student of the ITS City and Regional Planning Department who won a silver medal in karate at Pomprov Jatim 2022

Through this championship, the contingents who won the Pomprov will compete again in the National Student Sports Week (Pomnas) which will be held in Padang in November 2022. He hopes that the ITS contingents will again succeed in winning the existing championships. “It takes practice and strong determination to physically and mentally prepare the contingents who will compete later,” concluded Isa, motivating. (ITS Public Relation/far)

Reporter: Thariq Agfi Hermawan

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