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Sunday, August 07, 2022
March 27, 2022 07:03

Sheinna Yendri holds the title of ITS Best Undergraduate Graduate with a GPA of 3.99

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Sheinna Yendri, a graduate of the Undergraduate Study Program from the ITS Informatics Engineering Department, while following the online 125th Graduation procession accompanied by her parents.

ITS Campus, ITS News –Successfully achieving an almost perfect Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.99, Sheinna Yendri was named the best graduate from the undergraduate level in the 125th Graduation Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), held on March 26 – 27, 2022. This graduate has completed seven semesters of study and immediately continues to study at the master’s level through the fast track program.

This Graduates from the Department of Informatics always tries opportunity after the opportunity she finds. In her first year alone, he targeted many things through computer programming courses. No doubt, the plans, and targets to be achieved are also neatly arranged.

Not enough to explore knowledge. Sheinna also tries to apply it in various fields. Since attending college, she has always involved himself in several professional-field in computing. On a departmental scale, she has served as an assistant lecturer in Fundamental Programming and Design and Analysis Algorithms from 2019 to 2021.

It doesn’t stop there. Sheinna is currently working on a project as a quality assurance (QA) engineer in two well-known big companies, namely Garena and TaniFund . Sheinna said that her project was the opportunity of the Sea Scholarship, a scholarship that focuses on developing international networks in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

She managed to get the best results. She could finally get an appreciation she had never imagined before. “Thanks to this performance and program, I received an internship offer at the company,” said the girl born in Surabaya, on 13 November 2000.

Sheinna Yendri (right) and the competition team in a prestigious event in the professional programming world

Closing her tenure as a scholar, Sheinna also presented her final project (TA) with the title Design and Analysis of Dynamic Programming with Profile Methods on the Problem of Calculation of the Number of Rectangular Partitions into Two Subregions: Case Study of E-Olymp 1478 Rectangle Focusing on Programming Algorithms.

Not only her almost perfect GPA achievement, but this alumnus of St Louis 1 Surabaya Catholic High School also managed to continue his education to the master’s level (S2) through the fast track program offered by ITS last semester with a temporary GPA of 4.00 at that time. “I present all of this in the hope of achieving my goals as an educator for the next generation,” said the girl who attended the online graduation ceremony, Sunday (27/3).

Sheinna Yendri was named the best graduate of the ITS undergraduate program at the 125th Graduation Show

Therefore, everything that has been done by Sheinna has correctly placed her focus on the academic process she is treading. He said, if someone always gives the best in the process, slowly the achievements and the path to success will be wide open for him. “If the results are not in line with expectations, at least there will be no regrets because their efforts have not been maximized,” said the only daughter of the pair Yendri Tanoni and Ime Hutama.

When asked about the key to his success, according to Sheinna, to start a long journey, the main thing that needs to be prepared is a prayer to God, intention, and mature determination. The thing that must also be confirmed first is the intention that is not only for yourself but also for others. “With this mature determination, we can always respect the targets we have planned,” she said.

After the determination and intention that have been installed are strong, consistently providing the best needs to be pursued. Because the journey of a human’s life will be a history that is followed by the next generation. “Holding on to this solid principle, I strive to be a humble person and spread benefits to others,” said Sheinna ending. (ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Fauzan Fakhrizal Azmi

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