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Tackling Food Loss, ITS Students Initiate the SABAYUR Application

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(dari kiri) Ajeng Almira Tarisha Asri (Teknik Kimia 2019) dan Erza Janitradevi Nadine (Teknik Informatika 2019), mahasiswa ITS penggagas aplikasi SABAYUR

(from left) Ajeng Almira Tarisha Asri (Chemical Engineering 2019) and Erza Janitradevi Nadine (Informatics Engineering 2019), ITS students who initiated the SABAYUR application

ITS Campus, ITS News – The accumulation of food loss and food waste in Indonesia for the last 20 years has reached a maximum of 48 million tons per year, accounting for 7.29 percent of Indonesia’s average greenhouse gas emissions. To solve this problem, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students created the SABAYUR application to facilitate the marketing of agricultural products approaching their expiration date.

This product, created by Ajeng Almira Tarisha Asri and Erza Janitradevi Nadine, is the right solution for handling vegetable foodstuffs with the least efficient process, where the loss reaches 62.8 percent of the total domestic supply of vegetables in Indonesia. With the SABAYUR application, agricultural products sold will get a discount of at least 50 percent for every purchase by adjusting the shelf life of farm products.

For this reason, according to this duo of Chemical Engineering and Informatics Engineering students, SABAYUR can help sales of traders in traditional markets and supermarkets. According to Ajeng Almira Tarisha Asri or who is usually called Tarisha, this application is relatively easy and practical so that all circles of society can use it. “Starting from users who are still new to those who are already proficient in using mobile-based applications,” she explained.

Tampilan landing page pada prototype aplikasi SABAYUR

The landing page display on the SABAYUR application prototype

Regarding how to use it, Tarisha explained that internet access is needed. When the user first opens the application, the user will be directed to the landing page to register a user account. Users can sort by category by sorting the closest, cheapest, or store with the best rating on the agricultural product selection page. “In addition, there are three main menus, namely Discover, Cart, and Receipt,” said the 2019 student.

While Erza explained, users can see products divided into several categories and the user’s home address on the Discover menu. In this case, the user’s home address is used to make it easier for users to find the nearest store and get product recommendations from the nearest store. At the same time, the Cart menu can be used to store products that have been added by users to the Cart. “Then users can directly select the Checkout button to proceed to payment,” he said.

Tampilan menu Discover pada prototype aplikasi SABAYUR

Display of the discover menu on the SABAYUR application prototype.

Furthermore, users can also be facilitated to find out the history of purchases that have been made in the Receipt menu. Erza explained, the menu has two categories to distinguish between ongoing and completed purchases. In addition, users can also track the products purchased starting from the product collection process, the delivery process, to the purchase completion process. “So that users know very well the journey of the product they buy when it is being carried by a courier,” said the third-year student.

With this innovative idea brought up by Tarisha and Erza, they could achieve the championship podium at the Adenium National Essay Competition held by Universitas Brawijaya some time ago. They hope that other ITS students can channel their innovations and earn achievements in the future.

Henceforth, both of them hope to introduce this application design idea to those closest to them to try it. “So that we know whether the purpose of this application has been fulfilled and can make it easier for others if it will be developed in the future,” she concluded. (NB/ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Astri Nawwar Kusumaningtyas

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