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Tuesday, October 04, 2022
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Cares for Semeru, ITS Also Distributes Aid for School Supplies

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Tim relawan ITS yang diberangkatkan untuk menyalurkan bantuan ke lokasi terdampak erupsi Gunung Semeru

ITS volunteer team dispatched to distribute aid to locations affected by the eruption of Mount Semeru

ITS Campus, ITS News – Still responding to the eruption of Mount Semeru, the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) through the ITS Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) humanitarian project and the ITS Manarul Ilmi Foundation (YMI) continue to collaborate with various institutions in the Student Family (KM) ITS to help affected residents. One of them is through the ITS Disaster Response Program Peduli Semeru to distribute school supplies in the refugee camps, Monday (27/12).

Lalu Muhamad Jaelani ST MSc Ph.D., Head of Sub-Directorate for Community Service DRPM ITS, said the Semeru Care Program this time was carried out by providing learning facilities in the form of school supplies for children in the distribution area of ​​Supiturang Village, Pronojiwo, Lumajang. The school supplies were 200 school bags, 200 dozen notebooks, 200 pens, 200 rulers, and 300 negligee clothes.

In addition to sending volunteer students from ITS, this program involves collaboration with various institutions at KM ITS such as the ITS Chemical Engineering Alumni Association (Altekimits), the ITS Qatar Alumni Family Association (IKA ITS Qatar), and ITS Alumni at PT Toyota. “The fulfillment of school supplies is part of the Semeru Care program, which has entered the fourth batch,” said the Geomatics Engineering lecturer.

Lalu Muhammad Jaelani ST MSc PhD (kanan) saat pelepasan tim relawan ITS guna menyalurkan perlengkapan sekolah bagi korban erupsi Gunung Semeru

Lalu Muhammad Jaelani ST MSc Ph.D. (right) during the release of the ITS volunteer team to distribute school supplies for victims of the Mount Semeru eruption

Kamil Mukhtar, Person in Charge of YMI ITS, added in the first batch the assistance provided was in the form of an evacuation team, necessities, and the construction of a soup kitchen focused on meeting the food needs of the refugees. “So since last December 5, the YMI ITS public kitchen in Supiturang Village, Pronojiwo has been able to continue to supply 200 servings per day for volunteers and Semeru refugees,” he explained.

In the second batch, he continued, collaborating with UKM for Environment Lovers (PLH) ITS Cycle has dispatched a team of student volunteers. With the assistance that was distributed in the form of generators to light up the refugee camps, they were also brought to the aid location in the form of suitable clothing and children’s toys.

Bantuan yang disalurkan ITS melalui Program Peduli Semeru pada kloter empat berupa perlengkapan sekolah

The assistance distributed by ITS through the Semeru Care Program in batch four is in the form of school supplies.

In the third batch, the assistance distributed was four washing machines for volunteers and refugees, water reservoirs, generators, three jet washers to clean houses of worship, and worship equipment in the form of 100 sarongs, 100 mukena, and 100 prayer rugs. “God willing, there will be another group, the assistance provided will adjust to the needs and requests of the residents there,” said Kamil.

The Semeru Care Program also has 35 active student volunteers resulting from collaboration with several ITS student communities and organizations. The ITS volunteer activities include helping with evacuation, fulfilling kitchen needs, cooking food ingredients assisted by the community, to distributing aid from ITS to refugees.

Lastly, Lalu expressed his gratitude to the ITS donors and volunteers who have helped realize this Semeru Care Program. “This is our opportunity to help our brothers hopefully; what we do together can be facilitated and get the blessing of Allah,” he hoped. (ITS Public Relation/far)


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