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Thursday, October 06, 2022
January 27, 2022 20:01

Highlighting Repeated Shipping Accidents, ITS and KNKT Hold Discussions

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Dekan Fakultas Teknologi Kelautan ITS Dr Eng Trika Pitana ST MSc saat memberikan paparan dalam FGD bersama KNKT di Gedung Rektorat ITS

Dean of the ITS Faculty of Marine Technology Dr. Eng Trika Pitana ST MSc when giving a presentation in an FGD with KNKT at the ITS Rectorate Building

ITS Campus, ITS News –Sea transportation accidents in Indonesia are still an interesting issue these days. For this reason, as an effort to prevent accidents and improve shipping safety, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), with the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT), held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme Evaluation of Shipping Accident Events with the Same and Repeated Causes in the ITS Academic Senate Meeting Room, Thursday (27/1).

Head of KNKT Soerjanto Tjahjono explained that shipping safety is an absolute necessity and the shared responsibility of regulators, operators, and users of sea transportation services, including ship passengers. The fulfillment of safety factors in the voyage before the ship departs must be carried out, including the fulfillment of the safety aspects of the ship itself.

Kepala KNKT Soerjanto Tjahjono (kiri) bersama Dekan Fakultas Teknologi Kelautan ITS Dr Eng Trika Pitana ST MSc saat memaparkan beberapa kejadian kecelakaan pelayaran di Indonesia

Head of KNKT Soerjanto Tjahjono (left) with the Dean of the Faculty of Marine Technology ITS Dr. Eng Trika Pitana ST MSc when describing several incidents of shipping accidents in Indonesia.

The fulfillment of the shipping aspect is carried out to minimize the occurrence of sea accidents so that seaworthy ships can be permitted to sail by issuing a Sailing Approval Letter (SPB) issued by the local port harbormaster. “For that, we need a big commitment together to make safety together,” he said.

He further explained that this commitment needs to be enforced by service users to make safety a culture. So that the fulfillment of the rules regarding ship safety, the competence of reliable Human Resources (HR) is no longer a mere fulfillment of responsibilities and obligations, but has become a necessity.

“Or, if necessary, it is necessary to improve the quality of human resources and continue institutional restructuring and regulatory reform and especially law enforcement for any non-compliance with shipping safety rules,” said Soerjanto.

Prof Dr Ir Heri Supomo MSc, salah satu partisipan perwakilan dari ITS saat memberikan kritik dan saran mengenai evaluasi kecelakaan pelayaran di Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Ir Heri Supomo MSc, one of the representative participants from ITS when giving criticism and suggestions regarding the evaluation of shipping accidents in Indonesia

This was also supported by the Dean Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) ITS, Dr. Eng Trika Pitana ST MSc who stated that shipping safety needs to be refocused on the context of investigations in the form of regulators and safety investigators proclaimed in Law (UU) No. 17 of 2008 concerning shipping investigations. “This investigation was carried out based on the shell model, the reason model of the MAIIF Manual Chapter 4.2,” he explained.

Trika also explained that many accidents that occur in Indonesian waters have problems with electrical components, cargo, machinery, maintenance, and repairs, most of which cause ships to catch fire and sink. In addition, the problem of marine English (communication, ed), ship maintenance, to quality control programs supervised by the government are still considered to have no clear goals.

From these various problems, the lecturer Department of Marine Engineering ITS. It reminds the need for safety awareness that must be increased by all port stakeholders and the government. “At least it is necessary to coordinate between the Ministry of Transportation and other ministries, to the port team,” he reminded.

Suasana diskusi yang dihadiri oleh instansi pemerintah terkait dan pelabuhan yang digelar oleh KNKT dan ITS

Discussion atmosphere attended by relevant government agencies and ports held by KNKT and ITS

The indicator of the implementation of safety-based transportation is if the number of accidents can be reduced as low as possible. “Therefore, we must implement and ensure that all have complied with applicable safety standards and procedures so that we can avoid things that pose a threat to transportation safety and life,” he said.

Trika also hopes that by holding the FGD activities to evaluate the safety of ships, good communication can be established between agencies, stakeholders, and the community using sea transportation services. So that a goal that has been discussed can be achieved. (ITS Public Relation)

Reporter: Fauzan Fakhrizal Azmi

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