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ITS Automotive Team Shows their Innovations at GIIAS 2021

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Menteri Perindustrian RI Dr Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita MSi (berbatik) saat mengunjungi booth ITS Automotive Team di GIIAS Surabaya 2021

Indonesian Minister of Industry Dr Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita MSi (in batik) while visiting the ITS Automotive Team booth at GIIAS Surabaya 2021

ITS Campus, ITS News – The annual automotive exhibition by Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) is back in Surabaya at Grand City Convex, 8 – 12 December 2021. In this event, the ITS Automotive Team participated in displaying various innovations of their automated vehicles together with a number of well-known automotive brands such as Toyota, Honda, BMW, VW and many others.

These automotive companies exhibited various prototypes and their latest flagship products, both in the gasoline-fueled and electric-based car classes. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the organizers also implemented strict health protocols during the event.

At this event organized by the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), the ITS Automotive Team presented four of its proud cars, such as the Anargya Mark 2.0 electric formula car, the hydrogen-powered Antasena Hydra, the Sapuangin XI Evo 2 Generation 11 urban car with gasoline fuel, and the Nogogeni VI. Evo is electrically powered. The cars made by ITS students were also exhibited for five days.

(dari kiri) Mobil Anargya Mark 2.0, Antasena Hydra, Nogogeni VI Evo, dan Mobil Urban Sapuangin XI Evo 2 generasi 11 yang dipamerkan pada GIIAS Surabaya 2021

(from left) Anargya Mark 2.0, Antasena Hydra, Nogogeni VI Evo, and the 11th generation Sapuangin XI Evo 2 Urban Car on display at GIIAS Surabaya 2021

The four cars from the ITS best automotive team have different classes, fuels and focus on research and development of automotive technology. This exhibition also shows the seriousness of ITS to continue to develop automotive technology that is not only focused on one specific field. But in various areas to advance the automotive world in the country.

General Manager (GM) of Anargya ITS Electric Vehicle Team Anggito Kusumo Pamungkas revealed that the participation of the ITS Anargya team in the GIIAS show could show the contribution of ITS students in the development of national electric car technology. “Thank you for this opportunity, and we hope that in the future, we can bring other innovations for the advancement of electric vehicles in Indonesia,” he said.

Perwakilan dari ITS Automotive Team bersama pihak penyelenggara GIIAS Surabaya 2021

Representatives from the ITS Automotive Team with the organizers of GIIAS Surabaya 2021

Meanwhile, GM Antasena ITS Team Ario Bhismo Nugroho hopes that the ITS team can inspire the nation’s children and give optimism to the community through this automotive exhibition. One of them shows that Indonesia can become a hydrogen research-producing country and a hydrogen car maker. “This is an event to show that the younger generation, especially ITS students, are innovating for a better Indonesia,” he said.

Alumnus Departemen Teknik Industri ITS Iqbal Satrya Anfansah (kanan) saat mengunjungi booth ITS Automotive Team di GIIAS Surabaya 2021

The alumnus of the ITS Industrial Engineering Department Iqbal Satrya Anfansah (right) when visiting the ITS Automotive Team booth at GIIAS Surabaya 2021

On the same occasion, GM Nogogeni ITS Team Dimas Andi Setiawan also hoped that the ITS research team could be better known by the public and always present the latest technological innovations from the automotive world. Namely by using alternative energy that we can implement in the future.

Finally, GM ITS Team Sapuangin William Mikhael Parlindungan expressed his gratitude because the ITS team was given to partner with many other large automotive companies. “We hope that through this event, we can show more innovation of the nation’s children and motivate other young people,” he said. (ITS Public Relations)

Ikatan Perusahaan Industri Kapal dan Lepas Pantai Indonesia (Iperindo) bersama ITS Automotive Team di pameran otomotif GIIAS Surabaya 2021

Association of Indonesian Ship and Offshore Industry Companies (Iperindo) with ITS Automotive Team at the GIIAS Surabaya 2021 automotive exhibition

Reporter: Frecia Elrivia Mardianto

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