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ITS Win Two Achievements at the 2021 Asia-Pacific Robocup

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The people behind IRIS team of ITS that competed at 2021 Asia-Pacific Robocup

The people behind the IRIS team of ITS that competed at the 2021 Asia-Pacific Robocup

ITS Campus, ITS News Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) keep carving more and more honorobale achievement nationally and and even globally. This time, the good news came from the IRIS robotics team that brought home several achivements from the RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2021 competition. ITS won second place for the category of Video Challenge and the fourth place in the Scientific Challenge category on this five days event that ended Monday (29/11).

Natasya Septina Arinti, one of the IRIS team officials, revealed that this competition is an international robotics competition that aims to promote robotics research and the challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the public, especially in Asia-Pacific. “This competition is a hybrid event (offline and online), centered in the Aichi area, Japan,” said Natasya.

According to Natasya, there were eight categories in the competition. Those categories are RoboCup Soccer, RoboCup Rescue, RoboCup Home, RoboCup Industrial, RoboCup Junior, RCAP Challenges, RCAP Industry League, and RCAP Demonstrations. “The IRIS team only participates in the RoboCup Soccer category, particularly the Middle Size League (MSL),” she explained.

Robot milik tim IRIS ITS yang dilombakan dalam Robocup Asia-Pasific 2021

The robot of IRIS ITS, which competed at the 2021 Asia-Pacific Robocup

In this RoboCup Soccer category, she continued, there were two challenges, specifically the Video Challenge and the Scientific Challenge. In the Video Challenge category, the challenge tasked the team to make a video containing the experience of competitions they have participated in, research on other robots, journals, and promotions for robotics. “Meanwhile, in the Scientific Challenge, they asked us to do research and then present the material on IRIS team’s robot,” explained the girl who was born in Pasuruan, September 25, 2001.

Robot milik tim IRIS ITS yang dilombakan dalam Robocup Asia Pasific 2021

IRIS ITS’ robot that competed at the 2021 Asia-Pacific Robocup

For the research, she added, the IRIS team’s robot is a goalkeeping trainer robot that can detect empty areas in the goal. “So during a match, this robot can catch players’ ball kicks so they don’t concede,” explained the ITS Business Statistics Department student.

Before reaching the international competition stage, the IRIS team led by Firlana Baiturrochman has participated in various selection series. These selection series are Team Leader Meeting, First Pre Competition Test, to Second Pre Competition Test.

Tangkapan layar sesi presentasi tim IRIS ITS secara daring dalam Robocup Asia-Pasific 2021

A screenshot of the ITS IRIS team online presentation in Robocup Asia-Pacific 2021

Although she participated in the Robocup competition in 2019 and early 2021, Natasya acknowledged that this was the first time the IRIS team had experienced a Robocup competition in the Asia-Pacific region. “This is a new history for IRIS in the global arena and soon will become a regular agenda in the future considering the achievements this time is very satisfying,” she said proudly.

This student from Pandaan, Pasuruan, also added that the ability of the IRIS robot in this match was quite good. Even so, she feels the need for improvement in the future so that the results obtained are more optimal.

The short preparation time did make the IRIS team a little overwhelmed, thus hampering the preparation. However, these obstacles could not dampen the team’s enthusiasm to achieve several awards. “In the future, we hope to continue to be active in becoming champions in every international robotics competition,” she concluded hopefully. (nadh/HUMAS ITS)


Reporter: Erchi Ad’ha Loyensya

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