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Through Sensible, ITS Students Connect Patients to Psychologists

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Lewat Sensible, Mahasiswa ITS Menjembatani Psikolog dan Pasien_1

One of the Han Ji Pyeong Team members, Hendry Naufal Marbella, shows the prototype of Sensible.

ITS Campus, ITS News The academic community of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) continues to innovate in technology. Three students from the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Intelligent Electrical and Information Technology (ELECTICS), created Sensible, an application that connects patients and psychologists with a personality test to facilitate consultation sessions between them.

The three are Kezia Angelique Sidabutar, Muhammad Farhan Rahmandika, and Hendry Naufal Marbella. They are members of a team called Han Ji Pyeong. Under the guidance of Mahendrawati ER., S.T., M.Sc., PhD, Han Ji Pyeong Team won third place in the ICT Business Development category in Pagelaran Mahasiswa Nasional Bidang Tekonologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (GEMASTIK) 2021.

Kezia Angelique Sidabutar, as the team leader, explained that Sensible is an application that accommodates patients to consult with psychologists according to the patient’s personality and problems. Users must take a personality test provided by the application. It aims to adjust to the expertise of each psychologist to provide appropriate psychologist recommendations to users.

Initially, Kezia explained that the idea for the Sensible application came from the problems of her closest friends. They went to psychologists but never got a suitable psychologist. “This mismatch could occur because of the difference between the patient’s condition and the expertise of a psychologist,” said Kezia.

According to Kezia, mental health issues have been massively raised nowadays. However, they tried to find a way to differentiate Sensible from other platforms. Sensible comes with the main features of personality tests. This personality test is helpful from the user’s side as a patient. It helps from the psychologist’s side because it can maximize the handling of patient problems.

Lewat Sensible, Mahasiswa ITS Menjembatani Psikolog dan Pasien_2

The display of Sensible Prototype

The primary purpose of Sensible is to answer patient problems so that it becomes more comfortable to talk to psychologists. Kezia added that if one patient’s issue has been resolved, they will be no more afraid to consult their mental health issues. “Because psychologists already understand the characteristics of patients and are comfortable telling stories to psychologists that match their problems and personalities,” she explained.

Furthermore, Kezia explained that they designed Sensible using a qualitative approach. They started from an idea, then conducted several surveys and validated that the community needed the concept. The idea developed through discussions with their supervisors and team mentors as time passed.

On the other hand, Kezia also talked about their journey from the preliminary round to winning third place at GEMASTIK. After winning the Information System Competition (ISC), a competition organized by the ITS Information System Student Association (HMSI), the judges recommended participating in GEMASTIK XIV.

The GEMASTIK preliminary round required them to make an executive summary, business plan, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) video explaining the application concept. In the preliminary round, the team only needed to make an MVP video and correct the documents based on the judges’ evaluation during ISC. Meanwhile, they made videos of the MVP results, pitched for the judges, and made posters in the final game.

In about four months of work, Kezia and the team encountered several problems. For example, the team lacks knowledge and experience on existing business problems. Moreover, because GEMASTIK was held during lectures, they had to manage their time well.

Kezia and the team expressed their hope that Sensible could increase validation to users and find suitable personality test methods in the future. “In addition, we want to implement a personality test from ‘Sensible’, implement psychologist recommendations, and expand to other features in the future,” concluded Kezia. (apr/ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: ion29/Najla Lailin Nikmah

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