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ITS is the only PTN with the best website at the 2021 AMH Event

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Kepala UKP ITS Anggra Ayu Rucitra ST MMT (paling kiri) saat menerima penghargaan terbaik ketiga dalam kategori Website di AMH 2021

Head of UKP ITS Anggra Ayu Rucitra ST MMT (far left) when receiving the third-best award in the Website category at AMH 2021

ITS Campus, ITS News – As the frontline in delivering information and news at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), the ITS Public Communication Unit (UKP), which oversees the task of Public Relations (Humas), continues to be alert in carrying out its duties. As evidence of its hard work throughout 2021, UKP ITS succeeded in bringing the name ITS to win the award as the third-best winner in the Website category on the night of the 2021 Public Relations Media Award (AMH) was held in Bali, Thursday (4/10) night.

The Public Relations Media Award is one of the prestigious annual events organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) in the field of public relations involving the Public Relations of Ministries, Institutions, State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD), provincial, district, and local governments. And city. ITS won the Best III in the 2021 AMH Website category in this event.

ITS diumumkan sebagai terbaik ketiga kategori Website dalam AMH 2021

ITS was announced as the third-best in the Website category in AMH 2021

Head of ITS UKP Promotion and Institutional Image Subunit Putri Dwitasari ST MDs explained, at the event, ITS was the only State University (PTN) that won the website category. The award received shows the seriousness and alertness in managing its public relations. Also, as the spearhead of reporting and disseminating information, public relations in a university has a significant role in creating a positive image for the institution.

In addition, UKP ITS constantly improves the website management system to provide the best service to the public. Judging from the development of the ITS website since 2016 until now, more and more content is updated and provides a lot of innovation. The website is also a means of disseminating information and service from ITS to the public. “We are also making breakthrough innovations in the field of public services, one of which is services via Whatsapp (WA),” said Putri.

Penghargaan ITS sebagai Terbaik III dalam kategori Website di ajang Anugerah Media Humas (AMH) 2021

ITS Award as Best III in the Website category at the 2021 Public Relations Media Award (AMH)

The victory of the ITS Website is not only about design and content but also judged by the number of people who access the ITS official website. Even though it has received a satisfactory award, the unit, directly supervised by the ITS Secretary (Sekits) and the ITS Chancellor, will undoubtedly continue to carry out various evaluations related to its performance. Self-improvement and adapting to all changing media conditions must be prepared.

In response to this award, the lecturer of the Visual Communication Design Department (DKV) is very grateful to the ITS UKP team, which consists of student elements such as the ITS Online team, ITS TV, ITS Website, ITS Social Media, and ITS Design who have worked very hard to reach this stage. This. It is hoped that ITS can maintain its achievements by constantly innovating both from the concept, design, and appearance. The most important thing is the technology from the ITS website. “In the future, it will not only be a website. Hopefully, we can be nominated in other categories,” said Putri hopefully. (ITS Public Relation/far)

Putri Dwitasari ST MDs (tengah) diapit oleh koordinator pengelola website ITS, Tommy Nuril Hudha (kiri) dan Nurina Azyyati Riski (kanan) menunjukkan piala dan penghargaan Terbaik 3 Website

Putri Dwitasari ST MDs (center) flanked by the coordinator of the ITS website management, Tommy Nuril Hudha (left) and Nina Azyyati Riski (right), showing trophies and awards for Best 3 Websites

Reporter: Rayinda Santriana Umi Sholihah

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