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ITS Abmas Develops Website for Horticultural SMEs

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Tampilan depan website dari Abmas ITS yang menampilkan jenis-jenis tanaman

Front view of the website from Abmas ITS, which displays the types of plants

ITS Campus, ITS News – To adapt to the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is easy for a business to switch from offline to digital entrepreneurship. Therefore, the Community Service team (Abmas) of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) developed a digital website service for horticultural Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to increase their business sales.

Rully Agus Hendrawan SKom MEng, Head of the Abmas team for the Enterprise Systems Laboratory, Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Electrical and Intelligent Information Technology (FTEIC), revealed that this activity aims to improve customer experience with interest in products offered by MSME partners, plants and garden tools. “This is done so that the market can be expanded from partners to obtain new consumers,” he explained.

The output from Abmas is a website (link: with the concept of Discovery Shopping e-Commerce. The website is a digital business with the basic principle of providing a complete catalog of product information arranged in a user-friendly system.

Halaman daftar mitra UMKM tanaman dan alat berkebun dalam website hasil Abmas ITS

The list page for MSME partners for plants and gardening tools on the website of the ITS Abmas

Different Rully often have different tastes in plants choosing plant products from partners. So that requires customers to go directly to the store to make sure the product meets their expectations. Therefore, the existence of this website can be a place for customer education regarding the information on plant products and gardening tools. “Finally, customers can get accurate and accurate information without having to go to the store,” he wrote.

Sarah Ahya Khairunisa, Coordinator of the student Abmas team, explained that the website provides information related to the latest plant products and gardening tools. Data related to the product catalog is accompanied by filters and a search bar for easy search. Inspiration for plant collections and details of plant growth progress. “As well as complete information about the profile of MSME partners in Surabaya,” she explained.

Abmas activities began with limiting needs with surveys and bold interviews with partners. The MSME partners involved are Tamanku.ID, Lombok Orchid, Plants. raw, and Mitra Flora. “This bold activity aims to find out more about partner information and the use of technology for partner businesses,” said the 2018 Information Systems Department student.

Pemaparan progres kemajuan Abmas ITS untuk mendapat feedback dari dosen di kelas secara daring

Presentation of the progress of ITS Abmas to get feedback from lecturers in class boldly.

The next stage is preparing the user experience design by the student Abmas team by taking into account input from the lecturer. The output of this stage is a prototype that is tailored to the needs of potential partner customers. Then curated information to obtain data from various sources and website development.

The Abmas team, completed within six months, began in March 2021. At the end of the activity, the Abmas team published a website with socialization and conducted trials with partners and users by providing an overview of what to do during website activities. “Then, at the end of the test, the team also asked the feelings, comments, criticism, and suggestions of partners and potential users when using the website,” explained Sarah.

At the end of the conversation, Sarah mentioned an opportunity that this platform can develop to be better and optimal. One of them is by cooperating with more MSME partners and increasing the amount of information on plants and gardening equipment. “So that this platform can be useful and become a reference for people who enter the field of gardening,” she concluded. (ITS Public Relation/far)


Reporter: Najla Lailin Nikmah

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