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Promoting Gender Equality in Village Development Through a Poster

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Tim GenTech terdiri atas (dari kiri) Muhammad Akmal Rishwanda, Rohmawati Dwi Anggreini, Zahra Fayyadiyati, dan Fian Awamiry Maulana saat menjelaskan isi poster digital karya timnya

The GenTech team consists of (from left) Muhammad Akmal Rishwanda, Rohmawati Dwi Anggreini, Zahra Fayyadiyati, and Fian Awamiry Maulana explaining the contents of the digital poster created by his team.

ITS Campus, ITS News – The Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendibudristek) provides opportunities for Indonesian students to keeps developing. To increase student enthusiasm for the program, especially the Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN) program, the student team of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) created a well-crafted digital poster to build underdeveloped villages through equality and equal distribution of gender roles.

Following the theme of the Digital, Poster Division Inspires the Revitalization of Gender Roles in Implementing Independent Learning – Independent Campus Towards A Rising Indonesia with 21st Century Competence, the team named GenTech describes the existence of two pairs of students and college students who are doing work.

Poster digital garapan tim mahasiswa ITS GenTech yang memenangkan Juara Harapan dalam ajang LIDM 2021 oleh Puspresnas

Digital poster created by the ITS GenTech student team who won the Champion of Hope in the LIDM 2021 event by Puspresnas

The team leader, Fian Awamiry Maulana, explained that the students gave English keys to students in the first pair. This illustration shows the existence of equality, which means that everyone has the same opportunity to contribute to development. By having equal opportunities, women and men will help each other when they are in need.

In the second pair, a student is seen pulling a pulley while tapping a hammer. The message to be conveyed here is equity, which means that allocating tools must be under their respective portions. “Because as is known, biologically men and women have different physical abilities,” added Fian.

Continuing his explanation, according to the Central Statistics Agency, in 2018, the percentage of underdeveloped villages still dominates. This situation is caused by the lack of human resources in the villages that can manage information technology-based services. Not only that, gender issues and discrimination against women are still rooted in rural communities. “Finally, the female population in the village has less opportunity to contribute to the development of the village,” said Fian.

Pengumuman juara Divisi Poster Digital pada ajang LIDM 2021 oleh Puspresnas yang diadakan secara daring

Announcement of the winner of the Digital Poster Division at the LIDM 2021 event by Puspresnas, which was held online

In this poster, the GenTech team wants to convey that village development activities in the KKN program can implement gender equality and equity. By implementing this, the female population in the developing villages can be encouraged to contribute further. The male population can also learn to provide equal opportunities to women so that they can participate in village development.

As a result, with the actuality of gender equality and equity, the progress of a village to be able to develop into an intelligent village will be much faster. The villagers will gradually follow the example, starting with students who carry out KKN with the application of technology in managing the environment. That way, the expected changes are not only materially but also cover mental and social culture.

This Digital Poster was created by four students, namely Rohmawati Dwi Anggreini, Muhammad Akmal Rishwanda, Zahra Fayyadiyati, and lead by Fian Awamiry Maulana. Under the guidance of lecturer Siska Arifiani SKom MKom, his team beat 888 other teams to get the Hopeful Champion in the 2021 Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM 2021) held by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) last September 19. (nadh/ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Muhammad Miftah Fakhrizal

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