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ITS Successfully Wins the 2021 Gemastik General Champion

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ITS meraih juara umum sekaligus medali terbanyak pada klasemen akhir kompetisi Gemastik XIV tahun 2021

ITS won the overall champion as well as the most medals in the final standings of the Gemastik XIV competition in 2021

ITS Campus, ITS News – The prestigious online competition of the 14th National Achievement Center for Technology, Information and Communication (Gemastik) in 2021, which took place online, has passed its peak, Thursday (7/10). The contingent from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya managed to close the show by coming out as the overall champion and at the same time winning the most medals with a total of nine medals.

The head of the ITS Contingent at the 14th Gemastik, Ika Nurkasanah SKom MSc, explained that the ITS contingent managed to bring home nine medals from the eleven competition categories that were followed. In detail, there were two gold medals, two silver medals, and five bronze medals from a total of 28 ITS teams that entered the final round. “All the teams have given their best and deserve this award,” she said.

Tim Average Kuliah Online Enjoyer ITS saat diumumkan sebagai peraih medali emas kategori perlombaan Keamanan Siber pada Gemastik XIV

The ITS Enjoyer Online Lecture Average Team when announced as the gold medal winner in the Cyber ​​Security competition category at Gemastik XIV

There are 11 competition categories that the ITS team participated in. Namely Programming, Cyber ​​Security, Data Mining, User Experience Design (UX Design), Animation, Smart City, ICT Scientific Paper, Software Development (Software Development), Smart Device Embedded System and IoT (Smart Device, Embedded System and IoT), Game Application Development (Game Development), and ICT Business Development (ICT Business Development).

The Average Online Lecture Enjoyer Team successfully donated the first gold medal from the Cyber ​​Security competition category. They managed to be the best at fixing a system that has a security hole. This team also managed to find the opponent’s flag while maintaining their respective flags so they wouldn’t be known, making them win gold in this branch.

The Phantom V Team contributed the second gold medal by being the best in the Smart City competition category. They succeeded in luring the jury through an integrated intelligent system for contact tracing and early detection of Covid-19 to facilitate Smart Government. “For the Phantom V team, the idea is very comprehensive and creative and follows the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, so that this team won the gold medal,” said Ika.

Tim Phantom V ITS saat dinobatkan menjadi juara pertama pada kategori perlombaan Kota Cerdas di Gemastik XIV

The ITS Phantom V Team when it was crowned the first winner in the Smart City competition category at Gemastik XIV

Meanwhile, the Go Go Haf Team successfully donated the silver medal, who took part in the Smart City competition category and the Healthy Team from the Software Development competition category. The bronze medal was successfully donated by five teams, namely DPP-C-Group 7 from the User Experience Design competition category, Team Lembuswana from the Smart City competition category, Team Alive from the Immersion, and IoT Smart Devices competition category, Team Apaya from the Game Application Development category. And Team Han Jip Yeong from the ICT Business Development category.

In addition to the medals that were won in the main competition category, the ITS contingent also won other awards, namely the hopeful champion from the Data Mining competition category, which was obtained by the Signal Team, the Animation competition category by the Arutala Team, the Immersion System Intelligent Device competition category and IoT by the Team Reagtity, and the Guardians Team from the ICT Business Development competition category. ITS also won the poster prize, which the Guardians Team donated from the ICT Business Development competition category

With these results, ITS managed to bring home the Samakbya Padhesa Widya trophy as the overall champion at the 14th Gemastik. The runner-up position was won by the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), and Telkom University won the third position. “This result is a very encouraging result because it has won the overall championship again after ten years have passed,” said Ika.

Tim Sehat ITS saat diumumkan mendapat medali perak kategori perlombaan Pengembangan Perangkat Lunak pada Gemastik XIV

The ITS Healthy Team when it was announced that it won a silver medal in the Software Development competition category at Gemastik XIV

The success achieved by the ITS contingent this year could not be separated from the strong cooperation of the contingent starting from the finalists to the role of the supervising lecturer and also the Monitoring Team who always gave direction and evaluation, thus spurring all teams to provide the best results.

Full support from the ITS bureaucracy also provided positive energy for participants with the ideas and inputs provided. In terms of the quality of ideas, technology, and technicalities, the work made by the entire ITS team is very mature and superior because it presents new ideas that have not been raised. So the synergy built by the ITS contingent at Gemastik this year is solid. “From morning, afternoon tonight, all parties tirelessly continue to give their best,” added Ika.

According to Ika, the preparation for this year’s Gemastik competition can be said to be quite optimal. From initial data collection, direct supervision, or mentoring systems to cross-assessments on the participants’ works. During the final process, implementing an offline quarantine for the finalists to focus on the competition was considered adequate.

Medali perak lainnya juga berhasil disumbangkan Tim Go Go Haf yang memberikan inovasi terbaiknya dalam kategori lomba Kota Cerdas

Another silver medal was also successfully donated by the Go Go Haf Team, which provided the best innovation in the Smart City competition category.

The role of alumni who have participated in similar competitions is to start thinking about ideas or concepts at the beginning, making programs and media, making presentations, and demonstrating the work they have made is also considered successful. “Like what we did this year by providing several workshops to finalize the team’s ideas,” she said.

Ika ended by telling the finalists who were not lucky to get a medal that this result was only a pending victory. All the finalists were winners who succeeded in bringing ITS to win the General Champion. “Hopefully, ITS can defend the General Champion title at the 15th Gemastik in 2022,” concluded this Information Systems lecturer. (ITS Public Relation/far)

Reporter: Mukhammad Akbar Makhbubi

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