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Third Most Passed 34th Pimnas 2021 ITS Prepares the Best Strategy

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Sesi pelatihan tim PKM ITS secara daring sebelum mempersiapkan untuk penilaian lolos Pimnas ke-34

ITS PKM team training session online before preparing for the 34th Pimnas 2021 qualification assessment

ITS Campus, ITS News – Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) has released a list of universities. That has passed the 34th National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) competition. Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) managed to become a university that managed to include the third-largest number of Student Creativity Program (PKM) works with 59 proposals.

Putu Gede Ariastita ST MT, Chair of the ITS PKM Task Force (Satgas), explained that the 34th Pimnas was a long and broad student competition compared to other competitions. That said because the preparation took time since last November 2020 and applied various disciplines. “ITS pays great attention to this Pimnas has been prepared through socialization and training,” he said.

ITS has carried out steps and strategies towards PKM in 2021 that will lead to the Pimnas. The lecturer usually called Aris, Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) ITS, always evaluates the development of this program. With a strategy that involves integration and division of tasks among all stakeholders at ITS, “Starting from students, lecturers, departments, faculties, professors to laboratories, as well as research and innovation centers,” explained Aris.

Flashback to 2020, there were around 500 PKM proposals submitted by ITS students. Soaring drastically, in 2021 a total of 1180 proposals were submitted by ITS students to reap the first rank as the most proposal uploaders. The increase is nothing but the fruit of each department to boost student achievement in this PKM event. This year, with a total of 298 funded proposals, 59 teams from ITS managed to advance to Pimnas in numbers showed an increase from last year, in which only 33 teams qualified.

To the data announced by the Ministry of Education and Culture, there are two PKM fields created by ITS students, namely 15 titles from the Exact Research field (PKMRE). 13 titles from the Copyright field (PKMKC). 7-titles from the field of Entrepreneurship (PKMK) and Community Service (PKPM).

After that, 5-titles from Innovative Works (PKMKI) and the field of Futuristic Ideas (PKMGFK). Also included are 4-titles for Social Humanities research (PKMRSH), 2-titles for Written Ideas (PKMGT), and 1 title for Application of Science and Technology (PKMPI).

Pelaksanaan PKP2 (Penilaian Kemajuan Pelaksanaan PKM) secara daring oleh Direktorat Pembelajaran dan Kemahasiswaan Kemendikbudristek di Menara Sains ITS

Implementation of PKP2 (Assessment of PKM Implementation Progress) online by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs Kemendikbudristek at the ITS Science Tower

As for reviewing the stages that have been passed, the activity-based PKM groups have gone through the stages of submitting proposals, monitoring, then advancing to Pimnas. Meanwhile, PKM based on writing groups only went through the paper writing stage and then advanced to Pimnas.

Alifia Dian Novitasari, one of the leaders of the PKMRSH team, revealed her preparations to advance to Pimnas, which is to focus on staying coordinated with her team. “Discuss what things must be resolved immediately and learn again about the research as a whole,” said the student, who is already in her second year of qualifying at Pimnas representing ITS.

Aris explained that there has never been a PKM that has been superior because all PKMs have fields according to their respective interests. Not just an ordinary competition, PKM is often a forum for participants to build character, develop intellectually, and increase creativity.

Unmitigated, lecturer Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK)This conveyed that participants also benefited from the development of soft skills and hard skills while participating in this activity. Development in the field of soft skills trains students to work together in teams consisting of cross departments and generations.

They also become accustomed to communicating with the public. “We want as many students and lecturers as possible to be involved to seize the opportunity to develop these skills,” he added.

The ITS graduate lecturer conveyed his hopes to ITS students who took part in this year’s Pimnas so that they could realize the values ​​and innovations of their ideas to be applied to the community. Through a person who obeys the rules, is creative, objective, and comparatively able to improve the good image of Pimnas, so that it will attract many students to join PKM. “We know that PKM does not only emphasize the competition, but a series of activities that are expected to be able to shape the character of students,” he concluded hopefully.

The 34th Pimnas is planned to be held online on 26-30 October 2021 using the Zoom application and published by streaming through the channel. Youtube University of North Sumatra Official Social Network. (ITS Public Realtion)

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