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ITS Robotics Team Got KRI 2021 Region II Champion

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Robot IRIS ITS ketika sedang berlomba di kontes KRSI-Beroda pada KRI 2021 secara daring

The ITS IRIS Robot, while competing in the KRSI-Wheel contest on KRI 2021 online.

ITS Campus, ITS News – ITS Robotics Team made another proud achievement in the event Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI)2021 Region II, held by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) for three days, ends Tuesday (28/9). At this prestigious online event, the ITS Robotics Team successfully won eight awards in six categories of robots that contested

Furthermore, successfully achieved in Region II, the ITS Robotics Team has the right to compete in the national level KRI event held at the end of September to mid-October. For September 29 – October 1, 2021, the KRAI ABU Robot Contest category will be contested, while the other categories will be held on 12-17 October with a committee from Gadjah Mada University (UGM).

At KRI Region II, six categories of robots were contested, namely KRAI, Indonesian Search and Rescue Robot Contest (KRSRI), Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI) Humanoid, Wheeled KRSBI, Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI), and Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest. (KRTMI).

Robot dari tim RIOT ITS ketika menjalankan misinya pada kontes KRAI di KRI 2021 dan berhasil meraih Juara 1

Robot from the ITS RIOT team when carrying out its mission in the KRAI contest at KRI 2021 and won 1st place

In Region II, the ITS Robotics team won a total of eight champion awards. Namely, 1st place in KRAI by the ITS RIOT team, 1st place in KRSTI by the ITS Vi-Ros team, 1st place in the KRSBI Humanoid Dribbling Competition (LMB) by the ITS ICHIRO team, 1st place in LKR KRSBI Humanoid by the ITS ICHIRO team, and 1st place in the KRSBI Humanoid by ITS ICHIRO team. Then the ITS IRIS team won 2nd place in KRSBI Wheels, and the ITS Rival team won 3rd place in KRTMI. Meanwhile, the KRAI Best Strategy Award was also brought by the ITS RIOT team.

Muhtadin ST MT as the coach of the ITS ICHIRO team said that the ITS Robotics team had been preparing robots for the previous two months. This year, several categories apply new game rules. For example in KRAI, KRTMI, and KRSRI. “In these three categories, we have to make robots from scratch, by experimenting as often as possible to get optimal performance,” said the lecturer in Computer Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Technology and Intelligent Information Technology (FTEIC) ITS.

Furthermore, Muhtadin said that the biggest challenge for the ITS Robotics team during the competition was related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Physical distancing and restrictions on student movement outside campus also get more attention to maintain security during the robot preparation period. “Fortunately, the campus (ITS) provides good support by providing dormitory facilities for members of the ITS Robotics team,” he said.

Robot dari tim Vi-Rose ITS (kiri) saat penampilan secara daring pada kategori KRSI di KRI 2021 (diambil dari kanal youtube UGM)

Robot from the ITS Vi-Rose team (left) during an online appearance in the KRSI category at KRI 2021 (taken from UGM’s youtube channel)

Another challenge experienced by the ITS Robotics Team is related to the internet network on campus. Because there is a national internet network problem in Indonesia due to a fiber optic cable breaking at sea, the ITS Robotics Team also feels the impact. “This incident greatly affected the internet on the ITS campus, we are grateful that this internet barrier can be resolved before the competition is held,” he said gratefully.

Continuing to the national event, the ITS Robotics Team is not easy to be complacent. At the national level KRI, the team will try to improve the robot’s performance based on the results of KRI Region II. “Although some of our robots have worked well and received several awards, we see that their performance is not optimal, so we will work hard to maximize the potential of the robot’s capabilities that we have,” he explained.

Detik-detik sebelum tim Ichiro ITS (kiri) membuat gol pertamanya pada final kontes KRSBI Humanoid KRI 2021 yang dilombakan secara daring

Before the ITS Ichiro team (left) made its first goal in the final of the KRSBI Humanoid KRI 2021 contest, which contested online

Finally, Muhtadin hopes that the team can maximize their efforts in optimizing ITS robots. In addition, he also really hopes for support from the ITS academic community, both material, and prayer, so that the ITS Robotics team can prepare robots well and get the best achievements at the national level KRI. “Hopefully, with this, we can defend the KRI General Champion at the National level four times in a row this year,” he said. (ITS Public Relation)

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