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Concerning Health, ITS Students Create Alcohol Detectors in Perfume

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Peudecskin dalam tampilan tiga dimensi yang merupakan karya tim mahasiswa ITS

Peudecskin is alcohol detection device in perfume in the three-dimensional display, which is the work of the ITS student team

ITS Campus, ITS News –The presence of alcohol in perfume should be wary of some consumers, especially those with sensitive skin. To overcome this problem, three students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) innovated an alcohol detection device in perfume that can detect that perfume for sensitive skin users.

The alcohol content in perfume is indicated to cause allergy symptoms in sensitive skin users, such as irritation, redness and itching, flu, and difficulty breathing. “This tool called Peudecskin can provide information whether a perfume is safe or not to be used by people with sensitive skin,” explained Linaniyyatul Masruroh, team leader

(dari kir) Linaniyyatul Masruroh, Dzulfikar Ats Tsauri, dan Ardin Lirnawati saat memamerkan hasil karyanya

(from left) Linaniyyatul Masruroh, Dzulfikar Ats Tsauri, and Ardin Lirnawati while exhibiting their work

The alcohol content in the perfume itself is quite diverse depending on the concentration of perfume fragrance. Therefore, Peudecskin utilizes a sensor array based on aromatic compounds, So that the alcohol content can determine by identifying the type of perfumes.

In more detail, Lina explained how Peudecskin works. The first step is to spray perfume on Peudecskin. “The gas particles will be captured by the receptor and identified by eight sensors on the device,” added the student Industrial Chemical Engineering Department class of 2017.

After passing through eight sensors (Gravimetric Sensor Arrays), the characteristic data of perfume alcohol was obtained which was then analyzed using the neural network method. Data on the characteristics of alcohol in perfume will match with data collected digitally and then be classified according to the type of alcohol. “The classification of this type of alcohol is done using the MatLab Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) application,” said Lina.

Alur proses kerja sistem Peudecskin secara teknis

Peudecskin system work process flow technically

Furthermore, Lina revealed that Peudecskin was able to identify 12 alcohol derivatives with perfect accuracy of 100 percent supported by quantitative risk assessment data. “Data on the characteristics of 12 alcohol derivatives were obtained from previous studies,” said the girl from Pamekasan, Madura.

By knowing the type of alcohol in perfume, it can also be seen whether perfume alcohol is safe or not for use by consumers with sensitive skin. The perfume safety indicator itself is expressed through a GUI with three levels of alcohol content, namely week, strong, or extreme. “If it is categorized as unsafe, the buzzer on the device will light up as a warning sign,” said the student who was born in 1998.

Through this innovation, Lina and her two colleagues Ardin Lirnawati (Department of Industrial Chemical Engineering, 2017) and Dzulfikar Ats Tsauri (Department of Automation Electrical Engineering, 2018), Lina won a silver medal in the Japan Design, Idea, and Invention Expo 2021 competition with the guidance of lecturers Automation Electrical Engineering, Berlian Al Kindhi.

Tampilan Peudecskin, karya tim mahasiswa ITS, yang telah rampung dikerjakan

Peudecskin display, the work of the ITS student team, which has complete

Finally, Lina hopes that Peudecskin can be further developed and used as quality control in perfumes production before being distributed to consumers. “Hopefully, perfumes can be used by everyone safely,” he finished hopefully. (ITS Public Relation)

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