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Overcoming Waste during a Pandemic, ITS Students Design E-Trash

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(dari kiri) Latifatul Fajriyah, Intan Mey Setyaningrum, dan Fadhila Rosyidatul 'Arifah menunjukkan aplikasi E-Trash

(from left) Latifatul Fajriyah, Intan Mey Setyaningrum, and Fadhila Rosyidatul ‘Arifah showing the E-Trash application

ITS Campus, ITS News – The Covid-19 pandemic, which has been endemic for almost two years, apparently has had an impact on the instability of the community’s economy and the waste problem, which is gradually increasing. Not wanting this to continue, three Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students created a web-based application called E-Trash.

The three students who joined the Champion Team consisted of Intan Mey Setyaningrum (Physical Engineering), Latifatul Fajriyah (Physical Engineering), and Fadhila Rosyidatul’ Arifah (Material and Metallurgical Engineering). The team leader, Fadhila Rosyidatul’ Arifah, revealed that E-Trash is a platform for buying and selling waste and recycle products that aim to improve people’s welfare while helping to reduce the amount of waste in the environment.

The student, who is often called Intan, explained that E-Trash was taken from the word “trash,” which means trash. Initially, the idea of ​​E-Trash emerged with the aim that people could easily exchange inorganic waste or used goods with coins that can be converted into cash. “That way, we can indirectly help the community’s economy to be more stable,” she said.

To use this platform, continued Intan, users do not need to download it on the Playstore, but can be accessed via Next, users need to register an account with an email and log in first. “In this platform, users are also allowed to act as both buyers and sellers,” said the girl who was born in Madiun, May 14, 2001.

Tampilan halaman login E-Trash, rancangan tim mahasiswa ITS

Display of the E-Trash login page, designed by the ITS student team

For those in the Surabaya area, users can sell or buy goods in six categories, including plastic bottles, used electronics, glass bottles, cardboard, used books, and newspapers, as well as wood and bamboo. “For the system, users only need to include an address and a photo of the trash to be sold. Furthermore, the E-Trash will approach the location and give some money to the seller,” said Intan.

In this case, if the goods from the seller have a small nominal value of the rupiah, the E-Trash cannot pick up. On this platform, sellers can upload product images, product names, product descriptions to the amount of their stock. The seller will also get money after the order is completed, and the nominal will be deducted by 5 percent of the product sales.

Enam kategori sampah yang tersedia dalam aplikasi E-Trash, karya tim mahasiswa ITS

The six categories of waste available in the E-Trash application, the work of the ITS student team

In addition to being a seller, users can also buy trash and find out the details of the items they want to buy. Buyers from out of town don’t need to worry because E-Trash already provides a joint account system. “This means that the new buyer’s money will be forwarded to the seller after the goods arrive in good condition, so there will be no fraud,” she added.

This platform is equipped with five exciting features. Among them are the home feature to search for products, the basket feature to find out the products you want to buy, the cash flow feature to find out the financial history that has been made, as well as the notification feature to receive messages and history of transactions that have been created. “In addition, there is also an account feature to manage buyer and shop profiles for sellers,” explained the student from Tuban.

Tampilan fitur account dalam aplikasi E-Trash, rancangan tim mahasiswa ITS

Display of account features in the E-Trash application, designed by the ITS student team

The idea of ​​this Champion Team has succeeded in obtaining funding from the Student Creativity Program (PKM) in the Entrepreneurship PKM category and successfully won the 2nd Runner Up in the 2021 Business Plan Competition Podium. “Since it is still a new business, we will continue to try to promote E-Trash to the broader community. “he said.

In the future, Intan hopes that E-Trash can embrace partners such as waste banks and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to work together. At the end of the conversation, Intan hopes that E-Trash can be known by the public and develop features. “Hopefully, this business can develop well and have a positive impact on the community,” he concluded. (far/ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Erchi Ad’ha Loyensya

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