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ITS Dominates the Champion in the Sales Booth Design Competition 2021

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Ulapdoyo Booth Design, karya mahasiswa ITS yang berahsil raih juara 1 pada Sales Booth Design Competition 2021

Ulapdoyo Booth Design, the work of ITS students who managed to win 1st place in the Sales Booth Design Competition 2021

ITS Campus, ITS News – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students have been making proud achievements. This time, the ITS Interior Design Department students won five awards at once from the competition branch in design, which was inscribed at the Sales Booth Design Competition 2021 last Thursday (15/7).

Five awards were brought home by the ITS team in the best top 10 phases from all participants in the university class. Namely 1st place by Ferdy Pradipta Zulfaninata with Ulapdoyo Booth Design, 3rd place won by Daniello with Mustika Ratu Booth Design, 4th place by Novita Fijayarty with Purotti Booth Design, and Reskia Astrifa Nurshabrina with ESQA Booth Design and Awanda Agung Baskara with works Vortex Series Booth Design which managed to occupy the top 10.

Ferdy explained that this competition took a design theme to market local products whose existence was not well-known by the public. Done by utilizing a booth measuring 3×3 meters, participants must be able to create attractive designs. “Designs are made to be able to increase the value of the products being marketed,” he said.

(dari kiri) Ferdy Pradipta Zulfaninata, Daniello, Novita Fijayarty, Awanda Agung Baskara, dan Reskia Astrifa Nurshabrina yang menunjukkan masing-masing karya desainnya

(from left) Ferdy Pradipta Zulfaninata, Daniello, Novita Fijayarty, Awanda Agung Baskara, and Reskia Astrifa Nurshabrina showing their respective designs

Further disclosed, the design must be able to answer the challenges faced by each product. Participants are allowed to choose five of the given sub-themes, ranging from cosmetics, food or drinks, books or stationery, clothing or accessories, hobbies, and sports.

The five achievement winners were students who took the exhibition design course. Namely to learn more about the needs of the exhibition business and other related matters. “This proves that interior design is not only about studying the interior, but also mastering other design worlds,” explained Ferdy.

Potret Purotti Booth Design, karya mahasiswa ITS

Portrait of Purotti Booth Design, made by ITS students

He added that the competition which Ciputra University held did not limit the selection stage. This competition is open to all students in Indonesia with equal opportunities. “This achievement shows the fact that ITS, which is known as an engineering campus, is also able to dominate the design competition,” said Ferdy sharing his point of view.

With his success in winning prestigious awards at the national level, Daniello, one of the winners, hopes that other interior design students can be inspired to keep trying new things in the future, including various design competitions. “A lot of experience was gained through the design process, conceptualizing, to visual execution,” he said convincingly. (far/ITS Public Relation)

Desain Mustika Ratu Booth, rancangan mahasiswa ITS

Mustika Ratu Booth design, designed by ITS students

Reporter: Faadhillah Syhab Azzahra

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