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Create SAPIENS, ITS Students Help Optimize Home Learning

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Lima mahasiswa ITS penggagas aplikasi SAPIENS, (dari kiri) Akhmad Miftakhul Ilmi, Andrea Ernest, Aulia Kharis Rakhmasari, Dede Yusuf P Kuntaritas, dan Zulfani Alfasanah

Five ITS students initiated the SAPIENS application, (from left) Akhmad Miftakhul Ilmi, Andrea Ernest, Aulia Kharis Rakhmasari, Dede Yusuf P Kuntaritas, and Zulfani Alfasanah.

ITS Campus, ITS News – Education is one aspect of nation-building that is the most affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic, including primary education obtained by elementary school students. Considering the urgency of the availability of a platform that facilitates the mentoring of the learning process of elementary school students, students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember  (ITS) developed an application-based innovation, SAPIENS.

The idea of the work, named SAPIENS: Self Learning Application for Elementary Students Based on Artificial Intelligence Approach to Improve Indonesia’s Education, is a collaboration of five students of its Statistics Department. They are Akhmad Miftakhul Ilmi, Andrea Ernest, Aulia Kharis Rakhmasari, Dede Yusuf P Kuntaritas, and Zulfani Alfasanah.

The five students designed an application to help each elementary school student do self-learning based on the appropriate learning path. Furthermore, they will be given proper mentoring by volunteers and parents or guardians. “Every elementary school student will get a learning method that adapted to their character,” said Akhmad Miftakhul Ilmi, Team Leader.

This young man, often called Miftah, explained. Every difference in the characteristics of students will give birth to methods as well as a variety of learning speeds as well. To be able to make adjustments more precisely, an early-stage test will conduct. “Students will be grouped into a certain category, which corresponds to the most suitable learning treatment,” he explained.

Sharing more details about the SAPIENS feature after logging in, the application will present a roadmap as a guide for activities that students will do in the application. The roadmap contains assessment which is the initial test that must be completed by students to know the student’s ability to learn and understand the material. Continued Learning Path, a page that displays statistics of assessment results.

Tampilan beberapa fitur pada SAPIENS, (dari kiri) halaman sign up dan log in, fitur roadmap, serta fitur learning path

The display of some features on SAPIENS, (from left) sign up and log in page, roadmap feature, and learning path feature.

Revealed more deeply by Miftah, there is a Schedule feature that can be utilized by teachers or homeroom teachers to include a list of students’ lessons for one week until the exam schedule. Taking advantage of this feature. The app can determine the time, self-learning materials, and intensity of student learning accordingly. In addition, there is an Inspiration feature that contains inspiring articles that can access.

Miftah added that there is a Let’s Study feature in the form of a student learning page that contains materials and exercises about recommendations from the application. This page is also the main feature of the SAPIENS application as the implementation stage of the available learning path feature. Once integrated with the learning path results, this feature will help students determine the learning materials that suit their abilities. “Students will give a certain period to complete their respective learning targets,” he explained.

This Students class of 2019 explained that the excavation of initial ideas and concepts was carried out by making observations on the current educational conditions, especially during the pandemic. This innovation intends as an aid for the learning of elementary school students. “Primary school level for us is one of the most important phases of education,” he said.

Ide karya mahasiswa ITS, SAPIENS, berhasil meraih medali perak pada ajang World Science Environment and Engineering Competition (WSEEC)

The idea of its student, SAPIENS, won a silver medal at the World Science Environment and Engineering Competition (WSEEC)

The design of this application was successfully appreciated and bagged a silver medal at the World Science Environment and Engineering Competition (WSEEC) some time ago. This Student from Malang said that the award is interpreted as a recognition that can be realized so that the team hopes to improve the condition of education in Indonesia.

Miftah said that optimizing the learning process for elementary school students during the pandemic is the main goal of designing this idea. For him, whatever ideas are developed must have the aim of benefiting and advancing the condition of Indonesia. “Pour the idea you have and always try to get out of your comfort zone by trying new things,” he warned. (ITS PUBLIC RELATIONS)

Reporter: Faadhillah Syhab Azzahra

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