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Two Years of Establishment, Cukurin Indonesia is moving forward and flapping its wings.

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Mahasiswa ITS anggota tim dari Cukurin Indonesia yang lolos dalam pendanaan ASMI 2021

ITS students are team members from Cukurin Indonesia who passed the 2021 ASMI funds dana

ITS Campus, ITS News – Formed in mid-2019, Cukurin Indonesia has become one of the successful startups made by students of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS). Starting from solving the problem of shaving services, making Cukurin Indonesia much in demand by customers and barbers to make Cukurin Indonesia is now growing and existing.

CEO of Cukurin Indonesia, Dimas Dzaky Alhadi, said that apart from revealing the problem of shaving queues, Cukurin was also created to improve barbers’ living standards. Therefore, Cukurin is designed to be a socio technopreneur application that provides business opportunities for barbers constrained by costs in opening their outlets. “That way, from the beginning, there were only ten partners; now Cukurin already has 397 partners,” he said proudly.

The application, which has been widely marketed since June 2020, is now increasingly flapping its wings. This ITS Civil Engineering Department student said that the application’s users also increased a lot in addition to partners. It is proven today that Cukurin Indonesia has managed to touch more than 1,500 application users. This is because, Cukurin has been present in more than 90 cities or regencies in Indonesia such as Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Semarang, Denpasar, Medan, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, and many more.

Logo dari Cukurin Indonesia, startup buatan mahasiswa ITS yang lolos pendanaan ASMI 2021

Logo of Cukurin Indonesia, a startup made by ITS students from ASMI 2021

Dimas explained that Cukurin Indonesia has now done several things. This is done to increase customer satisfaction and profits for the barber. The update is in the payment feature, from which only cash payments can now be made using e-payments or electronic payments.

The 2017 student added that the addition was also found in the schedule feature for partners. Previously, partners could not set their schedules. This creates a clash between one service to the next. “With this feature, conflicting problems experienced by partners can be resolved,” he added.

Dimas explained, now Cukurin Indonesia is also planning other new features such as the barber gallery feature. In this feature, partners can take advantage of it in some documentation when serving customers. In addition, there are also promo and cashback features for partners and customers. These two features are considered to be very beneficial, not only for partners but also for customers.

Salah satu contoh tampilan dari aplikasi Cukurin Indonesia, startup mahasiswa ITS

An example of a display from the Cukurin Indonesia application, an ITS student startup

In its development, Cukurin Indonesia has also often made several achievements. One of the biggest winners is being the chosen work of the 2019 Indonesian ICT Entrepreneur by the Ministry of Communication and Information. Not satisfied with that, now Cukurin Indonesia is one of 50 startups that have passed the 2021 Indonesian Student Startup Acceleration (ASMI) program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbud Ristek).

Based on the recognition from ASMI, Dimas and his two colleagues from the Department of Informatics Engineering class 2017, Darfi Sultoni and Muhammad Rafi Fadhillah, are preparing Cukurin Indonesia for the event. The preparations carried out are determining new target users, target customers, transaction targets, and new features.

The student from Pekanbaru hopes that the passing of Cukurin in ASMI can make Indonesia gain a lot of knowledge and relations. These two things will then become provisions for the team in improving and developing Cukurin Indonesia to be developed. “Hopefully, Cukurin Indonesia will continue to grow and provide satisfaction for both partners and users,” he concluded hopefully. (far/ITS Public Relation)

Reporter: Nadila Wulan Cahyani

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