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Tree of Life, ITS Student Design Ideas that Present The Natural Atmosphere

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Ferdy Pradipta Zulfaninata, mahasiswa Desain Interior ITS, menunjukkan desain interior Tree of Life buatannya

Ferdy Pradipta Zulfaninata, ITS Interior Design student, showed the interior design of the tree of life that present Natural Atmosphere made by him.

ITS Campus, ITS News – Some major cities in Indonesia seem to have lost a lot of space to simply pamper the eyes on the natural atmosphere. The scarcity is behind the emergence of design ideas from Ferdy Pradipta Zulfaninata, a student of the Interior Design Department of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) entitled Tree of Life.

The innovative design offers a natural feel inside a shopping mall located in the middle of the city. By the title of the work, Ferdy created a private space design on the shopping center, with a tree icon as the main concept. Ferdy explained the selection of trees is based on the nature of trees that are likened to environmental guardians, the main symbol of nature. “Tree ornaments were chosen because I wanted to present a truly natural feel,” he said.

The tree is very closely related to this nature, interpreted more by Ferdy as the philosophy of life. In addition to wanting to create the desired atmosphere, he wants to convey the message that the journey of human life is not much different from the growth of trees. “The higher the tree, the stronger the wind,” Ferdy said.

Tampilan poster Tree of Life, karya mahasiswa Desain Interior ITS

Tree of Life poster display, the work of ITS Interior Design student

This bespectacled student continued on the design. He worked on the accent of the tree was changed and processed into four parts. The barrier between the rooms is inspired by the leaves, with a modular concept. In addition, there is the use of materials that contrast intending to convey psychologically and create a perception of restrictions on suggestion making the distance in the space that the design.

Share the point of view. In addition to being enjoyable in terms of aesthetics, a design must be well utilized functionally. One of the parts in the designs uses a compact shape, which can be functioned as a seat if pulled. Otherwise, visitors can use it as an interesting and Instagramable photo spot.

Tampilan desain Tree of Life, karya mahasiswa Desain Interior ITS, dari empat perspektif berbeda

Tree of Life design display, the work of ITS Interior Design students, from four different perspectives

This work that has been prepared long ago by Ferdy won the gold medal and best ideas predicate at Bharatika Creative Design Fest 2021 in the interior design category. The design is well packaged and facilitates the products provided with a good aesthetic, and original updated innovations. “Winning awards in this competition is one of my dreams since I was a freshman,” he said.

Being a winner is not the only wish Ferdy mentions. Students’ attention to product ideas that can always utilize and include local wisdom is one of the expectations. The involvement of local wisdom can be reviewed in terms of philosophy, material combination, to technical application. “Don’t give up easily to continue exploring, discovering new ideas, working, and innovating,” he said. (ITS PUBLIC RELATIONS)


Reporter : Faadhillah Syhab Azzahra

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