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ITS Student Creates Modular Private Space for the New Normal Era

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ITS Interior Design student, Endry Salsabila Sampurno, shows the Nature Puzzle private room

ITS Interior Design student, Endry Salsabila Sampurno, shows the Nature Puzzle private space

ITS Campus, ITS News – A student of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) yet again achieves another succesfula achievement. This time, a student from the ITS Interior Design Department, Endry Salsabila Sampurno, achieves silver medal in the 2021 Bharatika Creative Design Festival in the category of Private Space for New Normal Era by creating a pandemic-friendly private space.

With the theme of “Bringing Nature’s Atmosphere into the New Normal Era,” Endry developed a private space concept called Nature Puzzle. From Endry’s description, she deliberately embeds an identity on the work by aligning it with the theme promoted by the 2021 Bharatika Creative Design Festival.

The concept of “Nature” from Endry’s work is clearly illustrated in the emphasis on natural materials and colors such as green and brown, which appear dominant. Then, the existing “Puzzle” concept comes from a modular system that is adopted into the design. The modular system itself is a design concept that implements a product by dividing it into several modules.

Desain eksterior dan interior dari ruang privat Nature Puzzle yang berkonsep modular

Exterior and interior design of Nature Puzzle’s private space with a modular concept

This SMA Negeri 15 Surabaya alumni said that adopting a modular concept in a private space could increase that private space flexibility. For example, visitors can move tables and chairs to create a safe distance in this pandemic. “The Puzzle concept that I want to apply can make an easy to assemble and disassemble space,” said Endry.

Endry took advantage of the table as the barrier so that interactions in the private space will always follow health protocols. In this case, the placement of attributes in the private space is arranged in multiple patterns between tables and chairs. “You can if the module wants to be moved or spaced out if you want to set it one meter long, two meters long, and so on, of course, it is possible,” said the girl who likes to listen to music.

Penataan meja dan kursi yang bisa menjaga jarak bagi para pengunjung di situasi pandemi

Arrangement of tables and chairs that can keep visitors at a distance in the pandemic

Endry’s private space design also transforms the shape of a house, where Endry hopes that visitors who stop in her private space can feel as if they are in a home. Additional facilities such as sockets and foot pillows from the chair module design are also available in Endry’s private space.

Not only that, this Surabaya-born student who was born in Surabaya also said that she got a lot of inspiration from analyzing existing works. By using and benefitting platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, Endry gets ideas through exploration on social media. “By seeing a lot of things, things called innovation or inspiration will always come, and that’s for sure,” she said confidently.

Perspektif interior Nature Puzzle beserta fasilitas-fasilitas tambahan yang ada di dalamnya

Nature Puzzle interior perspective and the facilities inside it

The Bharatika Creative Design Festival 2021 event was held by the Faculty of Art and Design from Universitas Kristen (UK) Petra Surabaya on 21-23 May 2021. In this Private Space for New Normal category, ArtGrass (garden artificial grass and decorations producer) is the main sponsor and requires participants to maximize ArtGrass products into their private space of creation.

Ending the interview session, Endry hopes for the Interior Design Department to continuously developing. Endry will make her department proud through competitions at regional, national, and even international levels. “I want to bring the name of ITS Interior Design to the national level or someday also to be able to bring ITS to the international level,” Endry determined hopefully. (nadh/ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Yanwa Evia Java

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