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ITS Buys the Most Funded Work from Dikti in ASMI 2021

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ASMI 2021 yang dirilis oleh Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi (Dikti) Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset dan Teknologi (Kemdikbud Ristek)

ASMI 2021 released by the Directorate General of Higher Education (Dikti) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbud Ristek)

ITS Campus, ITS News – A series of activities for the 2021 Indonesian Student Startup Acceleration (ASMI) has passed phase II. The contingent from the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (ITS) secured six works. It became the most funded by the Directorate General of Higher Education (Dikti), announced on Sunday (6/6).

A total of 50 startups that passed the funding for the ASMI 2021 program were officially announced through the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbud Ristek) website. The startups that pass later will take part in booth camps and mentoring from lecturers and professional practitioners. Not only that, there are other forms of activities within ASMI, such as workshops, seminars, and training from startup creators.

In connection with the funding, the Head of the Entrepreneurship and Counseling Guidance Section of the ITS Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) Muhammad Nurif SE MT said that the six works from ITS were student startups consisting of Cukurin Indonesia, Digiflux, VENRAGROUP, CariKado, ANORA, and Bahasa Indonesia. Boosters.

Keenam startup rintisan mahasiswa ITS yang mendapatkan pendanaan di ASMI 2021

The six ITS student startups that get funding at ASMI 2021

The lecturer, who is familiarly called Nurif, wholeheartedly appreciated the extraordinary achievements obtained by ITS students. From Nurif’s statement, ITS students have been preparing for the event for months. “We have made preparations for a long time even since last February,” explained the man born in Gresik.

Adding to his statement, Nurif said that the achievement of ITS students was a long process that did not happen by chance. He revealed that the development of this student startup has been crawling since the ITS Youth Technopreneurship Business Plan and Startup Competition program to the ITS Digital Marketing Camp (DMC) 2020. “In the end, our students get the highest award for entrepreneurship, namely at ASMI,” said Nurif gratefully.

Regarding the series of ASMI activities, the 52-year-old man explained that ITS had sent 20 teams from the maximum conditions desired by Dikti. From the initial 20 teams promoted by ITS, the first phase of a series of ASMI activities succeeded in passing seven teams. Furthermore, at this funding stage, ITS succeeded in carrying out six groups, as previously mentioned.

Kepala Seksi Kewirausahaan dan Bimbingan Konseling Direktorat Kemahasiswaan (Ditmawa) ITS Muchammad Nurif SE MT

Head of the Entrepreneurship and Counseling Guidance Section of the ITS Directorate of Student Affairs (Ditmawa) Muchammad Nurif SE MT

However, Nurif emphasized that the struggle of ITS students has not stopped and continues to follow the ASMI plan, which will continue until the end of this year. “If these six teams can qualify for the next stage, they can get tremendous investment from investors both at home and abroad. Therefore, we continue to accompany these younger brothers (ITS students, ed),” said the man who was born on June 14, 1969, with complete confidence.

In the future, Nurif hopes that students can prepare their businesses because managing a startup is not an easy thing and must be proven by real work that is beneficial to the community. “They are so ready to participate in this competition, so we hope they can survive and improve their abilities to prepare for the next stage,” concluded Nurif.

Quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture, ASMI is a program that has the aim of increasing entrepreneurial motivation and building a startup ecosystem in Indonesia among students, accelerating Indonesian student startups to become ready investors and preparing Indonesian student startups to become global startups, building a network of Indonesian student startups, and support the implementation of the Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) policy. (ITS Public Relation)

Reporter: Yanwa Evia Java

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