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ITS Students Initiate a Platform to Help the Fisheries Economy Sector

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Mahasiswa ITS Cetuskan Platform untuk Bantu Sektor Ekonomi Perikanan

(from left) Intan Mey Setyaningrum, Fadhila Rosyidatul ‘Arifah, and Sri Irna Solihatun Ummah showed the INEO application that he initiated about fisheries

ITS Campus, ITS News – The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on various sectors of the economy on a national and local scale, including fisheries in Tuban city. This condition led the student team of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) to initiate a platform called INEO to help solve the problem.

INEO, which became the team breakthrough, is a transaction platform between fisherman and fishmongers. The Team consisted of Fadhila Rosyidatul ‘Arifah (Department of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy), Intan Mey Setyaningrum (Department of Physical Engineering), and Sri Irna Solihatun Ummah (Department of Mathematics). The team consisting of students of ITS class of 2019 designed an online application-based platform that expects to help restore the economy of Tuban people in the field of fisheries.

As the team leader, Fadhila Rosyidatul ‘Arifah explained that this application cooperates with many parties in the field of fisheries, such as fish sellers, fishermen, fish processing industry, and Micro, Small, and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) in Tuban. “We think that INEO can be a solution as well as a good means for the community and businesses in transacting, without direct contact,” She said.

Fadhila added that many features can be accessed so that transactions between users and businesses can run well. These include login, notification, home, cart, and account menus. “In addition to the features that facilitate transactions between them, the design of the application is also customized to be user-friendly,” added the student born in 2001.

(dari kiri) Fitur menu login, fitur home sebagai tempat pembelian ikan, dan fitur pembayaran setelah memilih barang yang diinginkan

(from left) Login menu feature, home feature as a place to buy fish, and payment feature after selecting the desired item

The login menu is a menu that requires users to verify their account before logging into the application. Users must register their e-mail and password to INEO. “Furthermore, with the e-mail and password, users can access INEO,” She explained.

While the notification feature, continued Fadhila, is a reminder feature for users related to purchasing history until the transaction process is still ongoing. Users will be able to see if their order has been delivered or not by looking at the delivery status in it.

This Nganjuk-born student continued that the home feature is a center where users and businesses make transactions. In the home feature, there are various businesses that offer their merchandise along with their identity or store name. “Users just click on the merchandise from the store they want and then make a payment,” she said.

(dari kiri) Fitur notifikasi, peta pengiriman, dan akun yang memperlihatkan identitas pengguna serta saldo

(from left) Notifications, delivery maps, and accounts that show the user’s identity and balance.

Then the cart feature is a feature where the merchandise to be purchased can be viewed. After selecting the desired trade through the home feature, it will go into this basket feature, which means it is being purchased. Then the user can make a payment to proceed to the delivery stage.

Then the account feature becomes the last feature that contains data and information related to users. It contains photos of users, e-money balances of users, vouchers, and coins. Vouchers and coins are gifts that can be obtained from completed purchases. “Vouchers in the form of coupons for purchase discounts and coins can be exchanged for the desired item,” She explained.

The platform that presents many of these features offers a great lot of potential for the continuity of seafood businesses. Fadhila and his colleagues included this idea into a business proposal until finally led them to become the 2nd winner of the Business Plan Competition of Pekon Creative Room of Padang State University (UNP) 2021.

Lastly, Fadhila hopes that INEO can help facilitate transactions between communities with businesses and become an additional means of income for businesses without direct contact, considering the pandemic is still ongoing. “Hopefully INEO can have a wide impact while helping the realization of fish-eating programs in Indonesia,” he said hopefully. (ITS PUBLIC RELATIONS)

Reporter: Irwan Fitranto

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