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ITS Barunastra Team Won 1st Place in COMET 2021

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(dari kiri) Muhammad Aulia Fadlurrahman Santiung, Halen Dinata Atmaja, dan Azayaka Emeraldi Indaryo usai penyerahan Juara 1 Boat Race Competition COMET 2.0

(from left) Muhammad Aulia Fadlurrahman Santiung, Halen Dinata Atmaja, and Azayaka Emeraldi Indaryo after the handover of the 1st Winner of the COMET 2.0 Boat Race Competition

ITS Campus, ITS News – Students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) again scored achievements. This time the robotics team, Barunastra ITS. They won the title of 1st Place in the Category of Boat Race Competition (BRC) in the Competition of Maritime Education and Training (COMET) 2.0 2021 organized by the Surabaya State Shipping Polytechnic (PPNS) located at the Hydrodynamic Technology Center for two days, starting Saturday (29/5).

By carrying the theme of Self Development in the World of Fisheries, COMET 2.0 managed to record its Barunastra Team outperformed 15 other finalists who competed. By presenting the Electric Remote Control (ERC) ship, the work of ITS Barunastra team named Marlin. It became a ship specifically designed can optimize the pace and maintain the stability of the ship.

Marisa Aurelia Prawoto, Public Relations Staff of Barunastra ITS, explained that the ship that has been designed since March was employed by three members of ITS Barunastra team. The three are Azyaka Emeraldi from the Department of Shipping Engineering, Muhammad Aulia Fadhlurrahman from the Department of Shipping Systems Engineering, and Halen Dinata from the Department of Instrumentation Engineering.

Tim Barunastra ITS saat sedang mempersiapkan kapal sebelum race

ITS Barunastra team while preparing the ship before the race

Marisa also gave information related to the process of making marlin ships. According to Marisa, after the ship’s design was completed, The Ship was immediately worked on by team members, with work that took approximately 2nd weeks followed by a monitoring process. “Preparation of the Marlin concept was also followed by a session monitoring the ship’s performance through software in the computer,” explained Marisa.

Not only related to the ship design, but the Chemistry Department students also explained about the technicality of the race that the Its Barunastra Team participated in. On the first day of the race, ITS Barunastra Team attended an assessment of the marlin’s ship design. Not only the assessment of the design of the ship, but the race organizers also provide an opportunity for the entire team to conduct trials on the ship before the competition.

(dari kiri) Muhammad Aulia Fadhlurrahman dan Halen Dinata saat mempersiapkan kapal Marlin gagasan Tim Barunastra ITS untuk diuji coba

((from left) Muhammad Aulia Fadhlurrahman and Halen Dinata when preparing the Marlin ship the idea of ITS Barunastra Team to be tested

Based on Marisa’s remarks, Its Barunastra Team did not miss the opportunity to evaluate the existing shortcomings to maximize the performance of the ship on the day of the boat race namely Sunday (30/5). “From the test results, Marlin ship went smoothly without any significant obstacles. So Barunastra ITS optimistic that this ERC ship can win the best results later,” said the student born in Jakarta, March 30, 2001.

Kapal Marlin gagasan Tim Barunastra ITS yang diperlombakan dalam COMET 2.0 2021

Marlin ship the idea of ITS  Barunastra Team contested in COMET 2.0 2021

Furthermore, in the main game of boat race category, Marlin ship made by Its Barunastra Team managed to score 1 minute 20 seconds. At the same time made the Marlin ship the fastest. “Marlin ship finally managed to be crowned as the First Winner of the Boat Race Competition category in COMET 2.0 2021,” Marisa said proudly.

At the end of the interview, Marisa conveyed the determination of its Barunastra Team that will maintain the achievements and improve the quality and performance of the next ships for various upcoming competitions. “The team (Barunastra ITS) is dedicated to continuously and improve the performance of its ships in the future,” concluded the alumnus of SMAN 61 Jakarta. (ITS PUBLIC RELATIONS)


Reporter: Yanwa Evia Java

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