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Saturday, June 12, 2021
May 07, 2021 13:05

ITS Team Change Sugarcane Waste Being Bio Briquettes

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Ilustrasi hasil biobriket dari bagasse dan limbah blothong yang telah dikembangkan oleh tim mahasiswa ITS

The Illustration of bio briquettes from bagasse and Blothong Waste has been developed by a team of ITS Students.

ITS Campus, ITS News – The condition of the environment in the surrounding industrial processing of sugarcane is deteriorating because many bagasse or bagasse sugarcane and Blothong Waste. Because of that, Three students of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) create innovation in bio briquettes made basic bagasse and Blothong waste with additional cassava skin.

All three are Zakiyah Nur Rafifah, Dicka Tama Son, and Fat’hul Mubin Gufron that all the students new in ITS. Despite the different departments, they managed to develop innovative bio briquettes is utilizing the waste in the surrounding, but very beneficial to society and nature as a cheap and friendly environment.

” The principle of making bio briquettes from waste materials is not too difficult because it only has several stages,” explained Zakiyah. He added that these stages. That is making the dough, molding the dough, drying the dough, and becomes ready-to-use briquettes. The important make of bio briquettes is reducing the levels of water the material basis of briquettes by means dried in under rays the sun directly.

(dari kiri) Dicka Tama Putra, Zakiyah Nur Rafifah, dan Fat’hul Mubin Gufron memamerkan hasil inovasinya berupa biobriket dari bagasse dan limbah blothong yang berhasil meraih penghargaan

( From left ) Dicka Tama Son, Zakiyah Nur Rafifah, and Fat’hul Mubin Gufron show off the results of innovation in the form of bio briquettes of bagasse and Blothong Waste who successfully won the award

If already, later the basic material can only be used to become a dough by pounding and given adhesive. Do not lose importance, compression is also a part that is very important because it concerns the quality of the density bio briquettes. The more dense bio briquettes are produced, the more high-level power flame of fire that is generated. According to him, the steps of making bio briquettes can be emulated by the public in general.

Zakiyah reveals the reason the team uses bagasse and Blothong Waste as the material basis of bio briquettes apart for reasons environment. The results of the analysis along with the team stated that bagasse has the characteristics of easily flammable, has a content of water, sugar, fiber, and microbes that can release heat as a result of fermentation. ” The addition of leather cassava makes bio briquettes increasingly low levels of water to minimize the burning,” said the leader of the team.

Remarkably, the team only requires a time of about two weeks to produce innovative bio briquettes. Until finally managed to get bronze in the event Smart Innovation and Ideas for Indonesia Transformation in Pandemic Era. In a time that is sufficiently short that, they gather, learn, and develop journals before creating innovative bio briquettes.

However, according to Zakiyah, the development of innovative bio briquettes still be optimized further. He also expresses his hope in private so that the innovation team that could get funding is enough to make it happen. ” It expected that this innovation use for the sake of the continuity of life that is much better,” he concluded. (pan/ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Faqih Ulumuddin

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