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Friday, May 14, 2021
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Bitrado, ITS Student Innovation to Boost MSMEs and Tourism

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(from left) Nur Muhammad ‘Ainul Yaqin, Raul Ilma Rajasa, and Fian Awamiry Maulana showing their Bitrado ideas

ITS Campus, ITS News – The Covid-19 pandemic caused the economy in Indonesia to sluggish, including business actors such as Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and regional tourism. Responding to this, the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) student team came up with an idea in the form of a game-based application, Bitrado, to restore MSMEs and regional tourism affected by the pandemic.

The three students from the Informatics Engineering Department are Raul Ilma Rajasa, Nur Muhammad ‘Ainul Yaqin, and Fian Awamiry Maulana. The Kesehatanmu Rek team, which Raul Ilma Rajasa, initiated the Bitrado application, which has a myriad of features in it.

Raul explained, Bitrado stands for Bucin Traveling Indonesia. As the name implies, this game-based application presents an experience in a sensation around areas in Indonesia. Bitrado can not only be played by one person but also several people. “We provide features that can be used to play with friends,” said the student from Solo.

The features available in the application are the Food Shop, Clothes Shop, Mini Online Game, and Cultural Quiz Task, which can be played with two characters, namely Rino and Rika. The many features available make this application quite complex to play. “Bitrado is indeed complex, but I guarantee it will be fun to play,” he said.

The features in the Bitrado application, the idea of ​​the ITS student team

The Food Shop feature is one feature where Rino or Rika’s character can approach regional MSMEs in Indonesia to get food. Later, characters can add energy by eating dishes from existing MSMEs. Regional MSMEs in this feature are true MSMEs in real life. Information related to MSMEs is also shown as a promotional event. “Rawon devil, one example of MSME food in the Surabaya area,” he added, exemplifying.

Apart from that, there is a Clothes Shop feature where Rino or Rika can get traditional clothes from the areas visited by the characters in the game. Uniquely, the Clothes Shop feature provides contact information for MSME clothing providers to be contacted. This is intended so that users can contact the owner of the UMKM directly to place an order if they are interested in the clothes displayed.

The Mini Online Game feature is no less exciting. This feature introduces traditional games that can be played with friends, including hiding and seek, gobak sodor, and marbles online.

Meanwhile, the Cultural Quiz Task feature invites users to answer questions wrapped in regional quiz games. This menu contains the value of local wisdom with a simulated display of the multiple-choice concept. “Users will be given the task of answering cultural knowledge about the city or area they are visiting,” said the student born in 2002.

The Bitrado logo with the characters Rino and Rika, which was initiated by the ITS student team to boost MSMEs and tourism in Indonesia

Having been in the works for more than three months, some of the existing features are also being developed in three-dimensional form to be more attractive and included in a competition. Thanks to all its uniqueness and advantages, this application, which is now being produced again, has won 3rd place and is Favorite in the 2021 Baronas National Robot Competition in the general category.

Representing the team consisting of students from the 2020 class, Raul hopes that this application can be immediately published and has real implications for MSMEs and regional tourism, declining. “I hope this application can be a turning point and provide new experiences for MSME owners to promote their business,” he concluded. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Irwan Fitranto

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